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Not Exactly a Newb, But Here I Am Anyway


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Hello all,
Bought my '88 Quest like 4/5 years ago from a kid on here, drove it from the Carolinas to the Denver area. Posted a few times. Decided check back in, stop lurking, introduce myself and ask a couple of questions.
1. Hatch adjustment? As in is there a way to lock in the proper adjustment? I've adjusted it at least three times. It keeps slipping rearward. Maybe adding some really aggressive star washers??

2. I swapped in the crank driven cooling fan (and thermo clutch) from a non intercooled car. Do I need to leave the thermo-switches connected for the AC fan??? I'd really like that fan to retain it's ability to kick on if (When?) things get too hot.



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Hello former lurker! I think we all did that at first. 

The hatch issue is common for a lot of us. I have adjusted mine on the 86 a few times and it doesn't make a lot of difference. Sure wouldn't hurt to try some aggressive washers. It may be that the gasket/bushing piece on the hatch side is shot too. Someone was making replacements a bit ago. Can't remember if i saw it here or facebook. 

The AC fan is connected in parallel with thermo switch 2, so yes you have to leave the high temp switch in there. It is also turned on by a pressure switch on the AC system, although I'm not sure if that would be enough to run when it should. 

Look at page 90 here 



By the way, good looking Quest! For a red one ;)

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45 minutes ago, tux said:

Be cool if he came over here for us non-meta users

Tux, I must be too old to entirely understand what this means :( Damn

PSU, thanks. 


1. Thanks for confirming on the fan situation. I was getting confused tracing the 5 or 6 relays driving the fans.

2. I've got the Schiemann Composites pieces, just need installed, I'll throw some star washers in at the same time and report back.


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16 hours ago, Turbo Cary said:

Where in the Carolinas did you buy it. Kind of looks like one of my old cars

That's a damn good question, because I just don't remember. Pretty sure it was North Carolina, March of 2017. Otherwise I'm clueless. There was a picture of a young guy and his girlfriend in the sunvisor mirror.

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