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Anyone have a top down image of the fuel tank?

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Hey, putting together my fuel tank right now. Wondering if anyone still has a top down view of the tank that I can use as a reference.


I find the manual diagrams hard to read, so I've been using images I've found on here for sanity checks...except the ones I have saved are gone now :(



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So I just found out something. I had my tank sent out to get sandblasted and coated with rust. When I first got it back, everything looked relatively in tact, but I guess I wasn't looking close enough.



1. I'm missing the middle hard line piece (the intermediary between the tank in/out and the black u shaped box). I assume that isn't that big of a deal, I can just extend the hose so it's just a single run instead of split with that hardline.

2. I'm also missing the brackets that hold the tank separator (or whatever the u shaped black piece is) in place. As it stands, I don't actually have anywhere to screw it in. This is slightly more concerning......


Any ideas on what to do with attaching the black piece?

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Those hardlines aren't that big of a deal.   Sometimes they crud up with time anyways.  Yes, just bypass them with rubber hose.

For the vapor tank; it doesn't have to be that sophisticated, it just needs something to hold it to in order to keep it from moving around.   If it was a rebuilt tank that hasn't had any fuel in it yet, I would be just tacking in some steel to make new brackets.   If you don't have a welder, or don't want to do that, you could try some JBweld if you have a large enough clamp to get around the tank to press it in position until it cures.    The brackets are nothing more than just bent pieces of sheet metal.  If memory serves me correctly, there is only one screw in the one bracket.  The other two just sandwich the plastic.   


Could also just band it to the tank from the tank lips.  Something like a cinch strap may work

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Thanks for the response, very helpful.


Welding is not something I can do at this time (plus no equipment anyways). Always something I wanted to learn on a basic level though for this type of stuff though.


So the JBWeld is probably the way to go. I'll adhere the box directly to the tank. I can't see a reason why I'd ever need to remove it.

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Just curious varzaman ... where'd you have your tank redone?  I used a local place here in PA when I had mine down and was very happy, just curious if there are "other" places that also do a good job.

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