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  1. Nothing but SQ love & thanks for all your help & support with my cam setup Tim. You've been a standup guy and surely that's obvious on your Feedback Forum page as well. From what I recall on the other thread started with your name but without your blessing or input, some people had questions on how the grinds are set up. With that thread possibly gone or hidden, I'm not sure where the cam-seeking community goes from here. Having an OEM Magna cam and rockers (thanks to Tim) I'm happy to help in any way possible but no cam/rocker expert. Learning what we can and trusting our best members is the point of this site. Hopefully a bad taste from missteps of the few don't prevent continued support and assurance moving forward for the rest. ~Best
  2. Mine's 87 standard black interior. I'll need the screws if have em, but do have my bottom piece in good shape save one busted screw mount. Others are fine so very useable. Can you send me a pic of the bottom piece? mstieg@gmail.com Thanks.
  3. I'm looking for the lower plastic piece that covers the steering column. I have the upper but one of the six screw bases is busted, so if that's also available in great shape I'm interested. Screws also if possible. Pics & price to 33908 please. Thanks!
  4. I'm looking for the black plastic covers for the steering column. Do you have those in good shape w/ screws to mount? I actually have the top but one of the screw bases is broke. What I def. need is the bottom piece.
  5. The Galant rockers are 1.5 ratio, not 1.55 Magna, or 1.6 Caravan/3000GT etc. You're correct that it takes 1/2 of 2 Galant sets x2 for full set due to diff alignment on Galant's intake/exh rockers. Still no input from Tim here?
  6. Contact Todd, the owner at http://www.garageyourself.com/ He's interested in putting those bushings to use on his Grassroots car for sure. Not sure what you'd be looking for in a trade, but like I said, he can fab you up whatever. Probably has some parts, tools, or spare turbo/EMS/etc. available.
  7. Anything non-SQ for trade? My buddy is doing a Lexus for the Grassroots challenge. Dropped a V8 twin turbo in there. I'm verifying if same model. If so, he can fab you up whatever your heart desires. Owns a 12 bay DIY garage in South Beach.
  8. If unable to sell the complete interior, I'm in need of a few panels. In good shape?? A few more of mine have turned up missing after too long off the road. Steering column cover panels & screws/bolts Also the two velcro carpet panels for inner hatch walls and small 1inch wide plastic cover piece that goes alongside the passenger wall to very right of dash next to door above the ECU. Top surface panel only that surrounds shifter boot (only if in great shape - mines okay but cracked). Price shipped to 33908 please. Thanks!
  9. Does the screw set the base pressure? That's how it works with my MSD 2222. There's a nipple on it for the rising rate 1:1 signal which might also be an option for yours?? A screw or bolt will disable the rising rate however.
  10. Correct. I'm running the 65 lb Delphis. Looked em up and they call for a base of 43.5psi at duty cycle < 85%. Now my question is...to still use the rising rate on the MSD 2222 or find a bolt and lock it in at 43psi as SDS recommends (not using rising rate)??
  11. Remove. Bend sides. Mount in console. Hammertime. http://holykaw.alltop.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/stop-hammertime.jpg
  12. Swapping in crank sensor for SDS EM5F. My mech is fabbing up a VC mount for coil packs to be close to spark plugs. Pulled that unreliable piece of junk MSD 6AL and wired up coil packs. Glad that didn't strand me on some road at least. Also swapping in another fuel filter since the old lines cleared out quite a bit of crap during initial fuel pump test. It's crazy what came out after the filter! This could definitely ruin fuel injectors. Trilogy made a great post about this as he's dealt with too many people returning injectors after their cars sat too long beforehand.
  13. The rubber foot rest to the left of the clutch pedal. Solid mount to the floor, well not anymore at least. There's a bolt that goes into the side of the frame. The thread on mine is so far shot I can't tell what size and pitch it is. Please help so I can easily get a replacement bolt. Thanks in advance.
  14. ^ Willing to help with that but it never came up. I'm starting a site now with unlimited host bandwidth. Although I hear some are not as advertised and slow down if hidden limits are surpassed, then requiring updated server hosting...a problem I'd love to have in starting my own forum (for something entirely different). Why I'm also now willing to pay a bit per year as needed to maintain a working gallery. Mostly for SQC & internet pic linking. Looks like a 5 MB limit on here for media uploads. Not as user friendly for external linking either. I'm not familiar with the programming aspects or potential drain on where the gallery is hosted but want to learn & do it right.
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