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  1. Right click, save as. I've got them all buried somewhere on my hard drive, even the SOS manuals.
  2. It's the GT4 set on fleabay. I got 425 in em after shipping. Been asking 350. I'd trade SQ parts but it'll have to be something rare or unique, got a garage full of stock parts. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/pts/5231494922.html Kane
  3. I traded mine off but have a full set of polyurethane bushings if interested. Got em listed on Craiglist with no interest and the Lexus forums require a gazillion posts to be able to sell. Kane
  4. Few bites, some lowballers, nothing serious. House is under contract to be sold.
  5. House is under contract to be sold so I'm going to have to move all my projects back over to where this one resides at my shop, some space would be nice.
  6. My grandmothers house. Luckily she's still with us so I can get them upon request. Got a fish taco at the pier in San Diego once, not able to find one like it anywhere on the east coast. It was good but not worth the plane ticket it would take to get another. Kane
  7. Cant wait for snipe season to start, so much win.
  8. Its a good possibility I have enough for a swap. I'll have to dig through the shop and see.
  9. Contacted Bill, he said he can whip one up no problem.
  10. No one needs an engine or are you like me, on broke mofo?
  11. http://japanesenostalgiccar.com/2015/09/28/qotw-what-would-you-buy-if-you-had-a-time-machine/#more-43628 Won question of the week over on Japanese Nostalgic Car with the story of my first Conquest. Kane
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