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  1. I read that in another thread after making the swap and that's my next plan of attack. Thanks for the advice!
  2. I swapped out my ETACS in hope it would fix my problem with intermittent wipers pausing mid-swing. No success.
  3. Is the ETACS any good and still available?
  4. I finally got around to fixing the slop in my clutch pedal. No more catches halfway up!
  5. I have had success in the last few months getting things from Mookeeh on eBay. Send him a message and give him time.
  6. I know JohnnyWadd wanted to go up to some house on I-84. I'm down with the coast. I don't have any space for anyone to park cars, but we could fill out a campground or something.
  7. I'm across the mountains to the west in Coquille, about 2.5 hours away from Eugene.
  8. I am in OR, but I have a single white car.
  9. Nope, but I haven't really been trying. I'm not desperate, so it doesn't need to go right away, but I'm also not interested in holding onto it anymore. I drive this car maybe once every couple weeks.
  10. FOR SALE: 1987 Mitsubishi Starion ESI-r VIN: JA3CC54N0HZ055111 LOCATION: Coquille, OR SHIPPING: Buyer responsible for shipping arrangements. I may be willing to meet within an 8-12 hour driving radius, if the price is right. PICTURES: Full album can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/COXwK. If any additional pictures are wanted, I can add them to the album upon request. MILEAGE: 142k – actual mileage. PRICE: $3,500 OBO. If you’re willing to do all the work to arrange shipping or come pick it up at my door, I’ll be significantly more negotiable than if you’re wanting me to drive halfway across the world to meet you. RUNS/DRIVES: Yes/Yes MANUAL/AUTOMATIC: 5MT THE GOOD: I bought this car in July 2013 and have been steadily improving its overall condition ever since. I picked this one up in Tacoma, WA and drove it back to Logan, UT (850 miles) the same day. Since then, I have done the following work: · New EL-12 signal flasher – summer 2013 · New battery – spring 2014 · New aluminum radiator, electric fans (wired to use original plugs), thermostat, and temp sensor (installed in A/C cutoff sensor location on thermostat housing) – spring/summer 2014 · New clutch, master, and slave cylinder – spring 2014 · Mookeeh short throw shifter – spring/summer 2014 · New spark plugs and wires – summer 2014 · New distributor cap and rotor – summer 2014 · New OEM PCV and PCV hose – summer 2014 · New turbo back exhaust from Mookeeh – May 2015 · All fluids except brake fluid have been replaced within the past two years. I never worry about my car starting or driving and have taken it on multiple long drives recently. I have no concerns about it making it 800+ miles and it could definitely be driven home. THE LESS GOOD: This is a car that’s almost 30 years old, so things inevitably do start to break down. I have the following to-do list of things I think need to be fixed but none of these have kept the car off the road or would have any effect on being able to test drive or drive the car home. · The clutch pedal sticks because the clevis pin has worn out the pedal. I have a replacement pedal with a fixed clevis pin hole being worked on now and will include it with the car upon sale. · There is an undiagnosed periodic misfire at high RPM only when the engine is completely warm. The misfire does not affect daily drivability, as the car still gets up to at least 80 MPH in fifth gear before it kicks in, but would prevent you from doing any racing. I believe this may be caused by using Autozone-branded spark plugs and have NGK 7031 plugs on order to see if this fixed the issue. · The steering tends to stick after sitting overnight. It struggles to turn left (and only left) for a few seconds, but once it breaks loose, it is fine. · The paint could use some loving. There are a couple spots where it has been worn off or eaten away (occurred prior to my ownership) and a lot of chips that need addressing. I have tried to include the more significant areas of concern in the photographs. · Front windshield wipers do not work on intermittent. Appears to be an issue with the ETACS module, but I have not tracked down the issue as I very rarely drive in the rain. · Minor oil leak(s) that do not cause problems with driving, but do need to be monitored. I do not drive the car often enough to determine how quickly the oil is leaking but it does seem to do leak less when more driving is done. · A minor brake fluid leak will cause the emergency brake light to stick on once every 18 months or so. Again, does not affect drivability, but should be monitored and corrected eventually. · There is a minor exhaust leak between the exhaust manifold and head close to the firewall. It is barely noticeable when the car is cold and I didn’t even realize it was there until the new exhaust was installed and the installer pointed it out to me. · Leather interior is showing its age, especially on the driver’s seat. The middle seam on the driver seat is torn wide open and the leg supports on both sides are shrinking. · Will not likely pass CA smog laws without extra work. Sorry! INCLUDED PARTS: · Steering gearbox – will hopefully correct the sticky steering issue · BC_99 steering coupler · 1989 ECU · Replacement pedal assembly – will correct sticky pedal issue · Engine bay fuel filter PREFERRED CONTACT METHOD: I prefer to be contacted by call/text or email to smurphster89@gmail.com. PM me for phone number. If you have any questions about something I did or did not address, feel free to let me know. I’m in no rush to sell my car but, at the same time, I have no strong desire to hold onto it. I’m amenable to offers and negotiating!
  11. The relationship started before the DSM partnership was created. Our cars may have played a key role in securing the partnership, but they do not fall under the DSM flag. "Diamond Star Motors" itself wasn't incorporated until 1985 and no cars were produced under the title until 1988. See here.
  12. Starquests are not DSM cars... My current Starion is not named. My last Conquest was named Charlize.
  13. 1) I was fairly certain the Stallion/Starion "myth" was already proven false. 2) Did I see him say we got the 2.0L AND the 2.6L? I don't remember seeing a 2.0L from the factory in the States... This whole article reeks of rubbish.
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