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  1. SQC used to be on Tap A Talk but not any more
  2. I can get ACT from one of our vendors. FYI they are usually special order since there arent lots of SQs looking for clutches now a days. Import shoot me a PM if you want me to check on pricing
  3. We will have our sale pricing up from now until the end of the year on all our StarQuest Manifolds and Downpipes. If you have any questions Shoot me a PM, Give us a call, Or shoot us an email info@jdlautodesig.net https://jdlautodesign.net/product-category/vehicle-specific/mitsubishi-2/ http://jdlautodesign.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/StarQuest-DP-Open-Dump_4.jpg
  4. Started back on this since its not in the 100s any more
  5. Yanked my brake booster and test fit it today. I can cut an angle off the rear of the plenum but I would rather just delete the booster lol. Ill start welding it up and move to injector bungs and a rail
  6. Pulled my box of parts down off the rack. Time to finish my intake manifold and some random piece of trade work for Skullz
  7. Well its finally cooling off here in AZ so I will get back to messing with the buckets
  8. I think the GTX3071 will be ideal. The 28 wheel is a bit to small for the 2.6. Love it on 1.8-2.0
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