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  1. I guess I can't help you much there. I'm curious as to why viewing the forums in desktop mode is a bad experience for you, but regardless this forums simply isn't built to link up to a phone app (It has decently modified code). I'd also say that any car forums I've stumbled upon that actually were built like your wanting tended to be filled with slow bloaty code and ui stuff. I'm glad its not like that.
  2. Hrm... this might be a nice upgrade over my flatty sway bars...
  3. My two suggestions would be to either attempt setting whatever browser (Safari I think) your phone uses now to view the forum as "Desktop Version" or to download the Chrome browsers for your phone and use that along with again telling it to use the desktop version.
  4. Yep, it was there earlier today. Its gone now. Chances are it was sold already. It was a good price.
  5. Its an interesting thought... but doesn't that open you up to issues with stepping much further and further from what that base maps does and assumes to control the engine? I mean maybe my thought is wrong but I've always looked at open loop as a bit of an idle "tune" and closed loop as a dynamic "tune". Definitely correct me if I'm wrong because frankly this kind of pushes into other aspects of modifications I was contemplating with my car.
  6. Nice work man, its very clean. I like your style!
  7. Starquest, you really suggest not running an A/F signal to the ecu? What exactly is the reason for that? I would have assumed that would be used in some kind of calculations for the car. How else would it know what is going on fuel wise? EDIT: I re-read the thread again and I see what you mean about the size of injector. But still I'm not sure I'm fully understanding how getting rid of the O2 input would be good.
  8. Yea I can't complain, you definitely did. But a guy can ask though right? Haha
  9. Oh Oh Oh!!!!!! Does that include pricing on part modifcations? ; )
  10. The only time I've personally replaced a head gasket on a g54b was because the head was off for an unrelated reason (upgrades etc). I think as long as you keep the motor from overheating these motors are very reliable. The problems people have with them are not mechanically the engines fault. It's improper maintenance or assembly imo.
  11. I totally get where your coming from Malykaii and your right in some ways. But I personally don't see anything wrong with someone thinking big and then going for that goal regardless of its outcome. I think in general we learn from mistakes more than successes so its kind of a win win in my opinion. Sure someone can dream up a midship Starion and then halfheartedly enter into the project and never finish it but that person would definitely learn something. And on the other hand if they pull it off then geezus, they've just done something nobody else has and thats awesome! Sure there is always a logical and "smart" path to take but that doesn't mean its the "best" path.
  12. I think the answer is pretty simple. Your older setup flowed better. I imagine your tapering off is due to it not being able to breath as easily.
  13. What would that be exactly?
  14. There is a whole section for the forum dedicated to this. You didn't look very hard lol.
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