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  1. As reinforcement to your diagnosis (though in a 5 speed) I had a 88 flywheel lightened, resurfaced and had the whole assembly balanced. Was like butter when I installed. Years later I replaced the clutch and did not think about the balancing when I reinstalled a new clutch and pressure plate. It then started vibrating in the transmission's shifter at 3000 rpm, though would go away at faster rpms My car had the BSE kit on it when I bought it. So I think you were right - there was a balance issue and by rotating corrected it. Just live with it as the car is not driven frequently.
  2. Likely there for days of heavy rain where moisture may accumulate through the air intake as it is sucked into the air box when boost is low...air is moist and may condense inside. Stops the box from rusting inside out if anything pools up.
  3. Just for reference from the 87-88 parts catalog: Engine Bay Fuel Filter is MB504732 In-Tank Filter is MB129180 In-LIne Fuel Pump Filter (at the pump) is MD604392
  4. Hello, If anyone has any of the following 1986 or 1987 only Technica specific parts (orange lcd type) I would be very interested: Pulse generator for manual trans car technica gas tank fuel level sensor 4 pin dimmer switch for instrument lighting Patch cable that goes from a/c control unit to technica digital dash cluster Harness connectors that connect to the digital dash cluster A known broken technica cluster that has a good black mounting frame surround or if you have good pictures of any these items (like the cluster connectors, patch cable) I would appreciate . Also I have many spare parts I have acquired over the years and would be willing to trade if you need something I have. Thanks, Paul
  5. The guy who posted this FS thread has not posted since last year...I think he's long gone.
  6. Are the rear speaker panels still good with original covers?
  7. That does appear to be an HKS exhaust...had one on an old 86 I used to have...had a nice sound to it without being "boomy". They were just mild steel, so not surprised to see rust if you see snow/lots of rain. The tip was single tip with a portion polished.
  8. I purchased interior and exterior trim pieces from sn8kes. All were packed very safe and in the condition described. Would do business with him again in a heartbeat.
  9. My transaction with Starionight went fine. Parts shipped quick, were packed safely, provided me with pictures before I committed to the transaction, and they were as described.
  10. There was a Mitsubishi Technical Service Bulletin No. STB 87-07-001 regarding this cover. The thermostat cover change began May of 1987. According to the bulletin, the revised thermostat cover improves the cooling systems ability to release vapor that normally occurs after shut off when the engine is hot. They also mention that the hoses that are attached to the cover were revised and are both different shape. The TSB indicates that both hoses should be changed to the later version with the cover. So basically this is an upgrade to likely shorten engine cool down and allows the system to remove vapor pockets that trap heat.
  11. Can you pm me with price shipped for a full set of cloth hoses or alternatively (1) of the longer hoses (turbo outlet hose that wraps around airbox) to zip code 93012? Your message box is full. Thanks! Paul
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