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  1. I would go bigger then a 60-1..... Your setup is all most the same as my brothers car is now....... other then you have a tranny that works lol
  2. I like the rims on the car!!! The Black and gold motor is very sharp as well.
  3. I have used Magna, Alabama, Marne, Clearwater and caravan heads And some other brand one Not sure what it was.... The Magna ones are the only ones that I would say is much diff at all. With that said some of them are a bit ruffer on the ports but if you just do a light polish your fine. .. The turbo you pick will make a much bigger diff on how well your car makes power a good turbo and manifold setup will make good power no matter what head you have,
  4. Magna head mmmmmm not sure it can be used with the tbi intake unless you have an adapter one of the coolet passages is larger and it May leak. well I guess you could try just not sure lol
  5. I have changed timming on the dyno in the past and it made more power with 8 then 10. Are you sure the cam timming is right thats not much power at all. Not a big fan of the 20g Ithere.....
  6. No real fuel cut.. you can max out the mass air tho .... Now getting a wide band is a very very good Idea.
  7. Glad you found us!!! The factory rear differential is very tuff. You can even get some super HD rear axle shafts that will be good past 1000HP.
  8. With the lower comp motor you should be fine running 14-15psi with a IC I bet the cam is a bit off you should be closer to 20-21vac
  9. What Vac are you at Idle? Have you done a compression test? I have done 3 turbo swaps in monteros and all made a huge diff... Don't bother with a diff cam. If you want a bit more I would run like 13-14psi you should be able to do that NP if your fuel pump is not a baby thing. I say something has to be wrong for it to not feel like much diff after the swap.
  10. Call local TV new papers all places like that... Bad publicity is your friend...
  11. Knock off 80F and you got what we got here.
  12. I think the reason that some are saying its not all the shops fault is.... If they were to bring their car it would have been fine if that had happen idling for some time. Now your very much right as well tho it should not need to be running at all. Lets just leave this all alone now....... Merry Christmas!!!
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