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  1. i had it at 10 degrees advance....it just felt better at 15...lol
  2. I cranked the boost on the street. it STAYED rich...like 10-11 I got TD05 20g.....
  3. 1988 Starion Trilogy Injectors forged rods/pistons adjusa head gasket non jet head from Dad's stock cam Hardpipe Kit 3 inch exhaust from turbo back no cat ran 15 degrees advance aem wideband aem tru boost controller set at 48 on duty cycle 1st pull 141.78 hp/ 210.65 tq 2nd pull 146.97hp/ 215.84 tq 3rd pull set boost controller to 50 and got 156.00 hp and 231.31 tq this was at the rear wheels. ANY suggestions??
  4. by the way I need torque specs for ARP rod bolts and ARP main Studs. The new ARP website asks for part numbers...of which I do not have. to get the instructions
  5. The motor was exactly s described...wish I knew the specs on the cam. I tore it down last night ...FINALLLY...LOL
  6. Why can I not reply to topics all of a sudden???
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330876383886&fromMakeTrack=true&ssPageName=VIP:watchlink:top:en
  8. Allright. got the engine on the stand finally! gonna try to tear it down and inspect it over the next few days.....any suggestions on a headgasket to run with the 20g and the stock nonjet head?? Ill probably be selling the high compression head and cam.
  9. what all needs to be done to it?
  10. I got the motor the other day. wonderin on running that head on the street...its supposed to have a big cam. I was gonna run my 20G on it but I also want it to be drivable.....LOL. might ut my other head on it
  11. great! i mainly got it for the pistons and rods. my motor is knocking so im gonna go through this one and put it in mine. that head is kinda freaky though
  12. It was too late for me to retract my bid.....now im gonna be the second most hated guy on here
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