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  1. You know I still never took my 4g64 out of the trunk of my Montero? I'll check tomorrow.
  2. Partial trade plus cash for a 98 saab turbo auto. All stock driver. I'm in nyc.
  3. Whatever happened with that? Get paid for it or did ya have his cdl suspended? Also, it's drivers like that that make the mustang get a bad rep.
  4. I want to see fast food workers get a raise. In turn, we'll see the gov't forced to raise military wages. Y'all need more than this $35k bs.
  5. I don't know man... If your ready with cash, can happen. I've noticed the sweet spot is 2-3 weeks before Christmas. Mach 1 Mustang gauges are worth $250. I got a guy down to $100 last Christmas.
  6. ...and you know what that means?!?! People offloading non essential items on ebay/craigslist to afford presents for their six children. I'll be doing a dohc 4.6 swap on my ford, and will be shopping for parts. How about y'all? What ya plan to buy, or may be forced to sell?
  7. Don't take this the wrong way, but I find this community to sometimes be way too optimistic. Something to ask yourself when taking on a project... What is it you want and what is it worth? Many times I see people want a million, but the effort isn't with half that, and it never gets finished. If you want station vibe but mid engine, toyota mr2 and pontiac fiero did it for you. You can grab a starion and mr2, fix both up very very nicely... And it will cost less time and money than the mid engine starion. But if you think you can do it, get the welder out and go to town.
  8. Pub crawl tonight. Everyone is wearing lazy costumes tonight. You know, the kind put together 15min before leaving. I can't criticize as I'm dressed as a UPS guy.
  9. I researched this a while back, so don't remember the details. No, not the same. I think there are four styles. Take the number off your dist. and type it into Google. That should find one of the threads covering this.
  10. I'm actually surprised to see so,much concern for an 83. In all my years people mourn the wide body and shp cars, yet 83 cars usually loose the hood/tails and go strait to the crusher. No Flatty love.
  11. Oh what a sad sight this site is where one sights people who fail to cite the site they saw the sight of such a site.
  12. Is the wiring harness any good?
  13. I know a guy who buys the most awful unreliable pos cars. He usually takes a moped with him. He's usued it numerous times to get to work on time after blowing a head gasket or something.
  14. Not trying to be weird... But what oil cooler? The g54b Montero don't have one? Do you mean one off a later v6? Or transmission oil cooler?
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