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  1. I'm in Ontario Mark. Shoot me pm and I can help you out sometimes.
  2. Battery maybe??? My battery had enough amps to turn the starter pretty good but not enough to do that and make a blue spark, so it would turn and turn then go. It's a guess based off something that happened to me. Ehhh, if it helps it helps
  3. So this means you're automatically a mod or administrator right?
  4. GINASQ MPGorBOOST has a place for your car. It's called the Hobby Shop and it's a fully equipped race/performance/fabrication shop that has plenty of secure storage for your car.
  5. Ok, just talked to the horsepower guy and he said as long as my pressure isn't above the 100 psi range leave it alone. He said my main concern would be the crank seals and the turbo but depending on the design of the crank those seals should be fine. He said that if my pressure is in the 80-100 psi range I could use 5-20 or 0-20 oil and cut a whole bunch of drag on the internals to get some better performance. He also told me how to unstick the pressure release without pulling the timing cover off but said why? People pay big money for oil pressure like that and my bearings will last forever, lol. He said you need 10 psi of oil pressure for every 1000 rpms and I'm better than that right now.
  6. Ok, just watched the video. My engine isnt a Frankenstein motor nor does it have 60,000 miles of hard driving, nor had it had two gallons of water sitting in it for two years with the same bearings being used... That's an apple and tennis ball comparison
  7. I'll ask the guys at the shop I work at again, they said high oil pressure affects bad bearings but not fresh bearings like mine. Your link doesn't work.
  8. Running with the high pressure.... My turbo hates it but it's a purring freeway beast otherwise... I needed a new turbo anyway
  9. Sotty just posted a 3" exhaust....
  10. Hey Nick, I wasn't being critical of you and I hope you didn't take it that way. We've talked on the phone and I hope you can see the tone I had on the phone is the same I have in this post.
  11. and not even a new civic, an early 2000s civic. Like what Maylikaiii and 19C said, redoing a car without some sort of history along the way would be a mistake, they'd probably make a fwd sedan out of it with a "sport" package or if they stayed true to what the Starion was it would be priced right in between Infiniti and Mercedes Benz. Almost all of them came with leather, fabric being the option. Electronic temperature control, radio controls on the steering wheel, a radio with built in equalizer, abs, and a list of things that were standard on the car that were options(maybe) on a Mercedes Benz at the time. If this stayed true to the style it was it would be more like a wide body G37S Coupe and similarly equipped.
  12. http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo278/mistapickles/58769143-3019-41DD-B135-1561D35F23FE_zpsby9otxgd.jpghttp://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo278/mistapickles/D3F3988E-0051-4030-B108-C89B67A5B822_zpsoinxfc8z.jpg
  13. I think they have it tuned to 160 more horsepower
  14. So this guy comes in and thinks his Challenger SRT8 with the 6.1 liter doesn't have enough horsepower, so we ProCharged it for him and I did some racing stripes for him... http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo278/mistapickles/F635EB76-90E1-4AC6-B7FD-7C087CF7FF2D_zpstgcf2b82.jpg http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo278/mistapickles/4DA1BEF3-F40E-4DBF-A123-E7DC5097B70D_zps3gp1p2lz.jpg http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo278/mistapickles/9C87CDB7-6EA9-43FC-BA39-169AE872747D_zpszech1rcf.jpg http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo278/mistapickles/E75A7A6D-5DA2-4BA1-BCB9-E4258168AD82_zpsf79fjvsj.jpg http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo278/mistapickles/6FCA7CC4-43F6-45A9-B2F4-848B57CCE9A9_zpsdygkydtk.jpg Then pinstriped it and cleared over the stripes http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo278/mistapickles/4048B2D4-C74B-4EB2-B7AA-F294544C16E7_zpsi48ghlx8.jpg http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo278/mistapickles/6C2D7309-EB80-4396-8ABC-4325593DB5B0_zpsvyz0c3wf.jpg
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