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  1. Thanks for the info! Whats the going rate for a clean title red 87 conquest with motor out of the car that is rebuilt? Interior is clean, I think they have all the parts to have it put together. Transmission is supposedly working, everything else is stock. no dents or major scratches, just needs a good buff on the outside.
  2. Hello All, Looking to buy a starion or conquest 88/89 or 86/87 widebody. But which is better to get. I am either looking to build a stock form to keep it original or buy one to 1J/2J swap. Yes to ends of the spectrum but if I find one in original form and its clean with a running motor then I would keep it original. On the other hand if I find a shell, I will just build a 2j swap. I have built a 4G63 Chevy LUV so I know what a swap entails 🙂 Check it out if you want @buildingtheluv on Facebook or 4G63LUV on IG. Or on dsmtuners https://www.dsmtuners.com/threads/78-chevy-luv-build-w-4g63t.513590/ So my question is... Would any year work? which years are better ect? both interior and exterior? I know SHP came after 88, but is wider wheels and stock adjustable suspension worth it? The rear ends any different between years? Hopefully to find one near Washington state. thanks
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