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  1. Hey all. I've been considering multiple swaps lately and this is one I haven't thought about yet. It's a pretty small motor whole sale and that year motor was damn near indestructible. I have mechanical training, tools, a welder, an engine crane, and a garage. I plan on keeping the car for the rest of my life so I want to make it my own. My goal is to combine my love for v8 muscle with my love for these cars. Would love to hear some talk about what it would take to pull it off. I also just found a video about a guy who converted a 97 jeep 5.2 into a manual transmission. He used an AX15 trans with a bell housing from a 97 Dakota v6
  2. Hey, this might sound ridiculous to some, but my love for the whole space shippy feel of the starquest sparked a new idea. I wanted to change the alert tone to a fasten seat belt alert sound from an airplane. Any help is appreciated! Max
  3. Now why would any deliberately total their car like that?
  4. Hey, I received many suggestions for doing a 1uz swap on my conquest. I would love to know what all I'd need to get in order to make it a successful project, things like the transmission, rear end, what turbos would go best with it, etc. If there's a guide to this swap please pass it my way, if not I always love reading what you guys have to say, this community is incredible. Max
  5. Just made the first payment! I'll have it by December!
  6. These are all great ideas, I guess my only requirements are that it has more than six cylinders, and it has s turbo to stay true to the cars name. Import, did that v12 come out of a jaguar?
  7. Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some input on which route I should go with my v8 swap, and maybe get some pointers in the right direction as to where I should begin. Also what would be good choices of transmissions and rear ends for the following. I'm debating on either a turbo Chevy 5.7, a turbo 5.0 or, if I could get my hands on one, a turbo hemi from an 06 police charger or something. But tell me what you guys think, and if there's another good engine I missed, pass it my way.
  8. I was wondering how hard it would be to get ahold of a metal Conquest badge, I want to put it on the right side of the dash like the challengers and chargers used to.
  9. Just wanted to see what others have to say. As we all know, there is an indefinite list of reasons for the car being as special as it is. I personally love them because they're so unique cosmetically and mechanically. There's just nothing else quite like em. Anyway tell me about your passion.
  10. You got a good attitude speedy, everyone here seems to. I didn't realize the starquest community was as optimistic as it is. I am definitely hanging onto the idea
  11. Also now that I think if it, there would probably be more space in the engine bay anyway, so I can't really see the point of it.
  12. Agreed. Maybe way later on in my life id consider it. I plan on keeping this car for the rest of my life so hopefully the time and the money for a project like that might come into light. Even if it never happens, it's still s nice fantasy.
  13. I'd put this in the engine swapper forum but I can't post anywhere else right now. Now I just wanted to bring up the idea because I thought it'd be really interesting to see if anyone could pull it off. I wouldn't really want to do it myself because I don't have the money nor resources to do so, that and I have no idea if it's even possible, but it sounded like a cool idea so I just wanted to share it with you guys! Love to hear your thoughts! Max
  14. Oh god no, I'm buying through a friend of mine, he's holding it for me till I get the other half
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