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  1. http://www.starquestgarage.com/manuals/service/conquest/1986/86_conquest_service_nav.html
  2. Britt, I've been thinking of you and wondering what you would do once the team shut down. Best of luck with the powder coating and finding another job. If there is anything I can do, let me know. Jimmy
  3. Thanks all. I had a good b'day, just taking it easy and doing what I wanted to. Jimmy
  4. Great to hear it. Put the cigs down and breathe again.
  5. I changed the permissions. For those interested, see if you can see it/post there and let me know. Jimmy
  6. Try it now. I have changed the permissions. Jimmy
  7. There has been interest in adding a forum for Cams. It has been added to the FAQs and How To's Forum. Please let me know of any issues with it. Jimmy
  8. It has been added to the FAQs and How To forums. Jimmy
  9. Unfortunately, there is little you can do. If you still owe them money, tell them you can't afford to pay it. They will ask you how much can you afford; tell them 5 dollars a month is all you can spare. You can drag it out for years and in the end the admin costs for them outweighs your payments. Small satisfaction but you can make them lose money in the long run by doing this.
  10. Post your route, there are a lot of starquesters that could help you out if you run into trouble.
  11. Make sure your tires are straight also.
  12. Be sure to re-grease the wheel bearings.
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