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  1. feed-line too short. it will become severed when the motor unleashes its torque.
  2. Brilliant. Thank you so much for confirming that for me.
  3. OK Thank you. Just so you know i did do a search and someone had mentioned that the entire car is BSPT and we should not use anything else unless we retap for NPT as an example. I am looking at the mcmastercarr site and they have the BSPT plug in all flavors. So i could do steel in 1/2 BSPT if i need to. Just making sure.
  4. Greetings, Does anyone know if the original return port for the turbo drain is BSPT or metric. I would like to put a plug there. Also is the original barb fitting aluminum? Thank you
  5. can't see it unless i log out. once i log in, it disappears. this means nobody can see it except guests
  6. thank you for bringing this out, though i was aware. quaker state defy is one of those oils. it has a very low tbn and is not shear stable for long with e85. i would only use quaker state with pump gas it is a good oil, i used to use/recommend it but the research confirmed my findings during oil changes. amsoil is very resistant to dilution and is very shear stable even with e85 even with short runs. As SQR said you still have a shorter change interval. it is up to you to determine this for car
  7. you were on e85? TBI or MPI? what size injectors? Please share. maybe something is wrong with my motor. I would like to establish some sort of baseline from someone who had it set up right. Thanks.
  8. Yes it does BUT if you are running E85, it will turn the oil thin like water so i had to switch to amsoil premium protection(10w-40) or you can do z-rod(10w30) which rates slightly higher than the quakerstate DEFY and does not get broken down by the E85.
  9. Greetings Jimmy, Can you make it where members can freely contribute to the cam section? I believe it is better that way because it will help to keep discussions fresh and ongoing. We do not want people to be restricted or feel like they have to use extra energy just to share a break through. This is one of the sections where discussion/experimentation is key. Thanks
  10. i will keep my larger turbine then. Thank you
  11. lets keep this going. So, in general does a larger turbine need a more aggressive cam? does overlap mean faster spool? I hope to dyno my car before i park it for the winter. I am considering funk lab stage 2 cam and a larger compressor. I have a comp 5865 and i want to go with a 6265. I might have too much turbine on my set up. what do you think? I will need my torque to come in early and stay up
  12. This is nice work and all Bill but there are those of us who want more tranny options for the wide-block. Please build a T5. why don't you do a poll to see who will be interested. I bet the tbi and MPI guys will be interested as opposed to a few motor swap guys here and there....been waiting for this about 5 years now.
  13. Bill, please do one for the very plentiful and upgradable and cheap T5 all the best
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