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which one to buy 88/89 or 86/87 Starquest widebody

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Hello All,

Looking to buy a starion or conquest 88/89 or 86/87 widebody. But which is better to get. I am either looking to build a stock form to keep it original or buy one to 1J/2J swap. Yes to ends of the spectrum but if I find one in original form and its clean with a running motor then I would keep it original. On the other hand if I find a shell, I will just build a 2j swap.

I have built a 4G63 Chevy LUV so I know what a swap entails 🙂 Check it out if you want @buildingtheluv on Facebook or 4G63LUV on IG. Or on dsmtuners https://www.dsmtuners.com/threads/78-chevy-luv-build-w-4g63t.513590/

So my question is... Would any year work? which years are better ect? both interior and exterior? I know SHP came after 88, but is wider wheels and stock adjustable suspension worth it? The rear ends any different between years?

Hopefully to find one near Washington state.



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86/87 widebody have 4-bolt axles. Not as strong as 6-bolt. 86 has manual seatbelts.  87 has auto belts. 

88/89 widebody has 6-bolt axles. Auto belts.   The SHP trim came with adjustable suspension (non-functional 34years later) and wider wheels.  

if you’re going for a swap and plan on launching it often, you can upgrade to DSS axles made for 800whp. (Driveshaft Shop)

if you aren’t launching; the 4-bolt and 6-bolt will hold up to a lot of power with no issues.  

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Thanks for the info!

Whats the going rate for a clean title red 87 conquest with motor out of the car that is rebuilt? Interior is clean, I think they have all the parts to have it put together. Transmission is supposedly working, everything else is stock. no dents or major scratches, just needs a good buff on the outside.




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Looks rust free and very straight.   That condition would bring more in the rust belt states but still think a max of about $2.5-$3K with the engine out of the car.   

Should be a good project though.  I'm personally not a swap fan but it probably would be a good base for one.  



To answer your original question;   we are talking about a 35 year old car here.   It comes down to the one that is in the best condition for your price-point.  I wouldn't focus on any specific year but assume you are looking for a widebody only.    I'm personally an 86 fan.  I like the manual seat belts and the color combinations better, especially in the starion variant.   Although, i've only owned one 86.   87 was the most common year production-wise.  88/89 was the highest horsepower with minor tweaks like the 6 bolt rear axles, etc.    Again, it all comes down to condition.   For instance, I'd take a rust free early model flat-body over an 88/89 rusted SHP car at the same price-point.  

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Looks like a pretty decent car.  Just check underneath ... the frame rails for rust for sure.  The passenger side was the one that was notorious for rusting out ... along with wheels well and rocker panels.  Doesn't look have bad in pictures - would be a great candidate for a swap or stock restore.  Good luck.

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