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Are we getting the band back together?


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It's been a minute.  I don't recall the last time I browsed here, I did lurk when I heard of Shelby's passing.  Last week I came across a box of 86 sensors he sent to me, and I seeing his name on that address brought a lot of memories back.

My Starion has been hard parked for about 4 years, the head cracked on me.  I didn't overheat it, but the repair on a previous crack failed.  With the help of my friend, I got a replacement used head (from @IntercooledFlatty) installed and she is up and running again.  Not in the greatest condition, but the important part is it's driveable.

Getting back into this car is like coming home after a long trip abroad.  First pic of the first test drive in many many years:


Glad to see all the familiar names, like seeing old faces at a reunion.


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