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  1. It's been a minute. I don't recall the last time I browsed here, I did lurk when I heard of Shelby's passing. Last week I came across a box of 86 sensors he sent to me, and I seeing his name on that address brought a lot of memories back. My Starion has been hard parked for about 4 years, the head cracked on me. I didn't overheat it, but the repair on a previous crack failed. With the help of my friend, I got a replacement used head (from @IntercooledFlatty) installed and she is up and running again. Not in the greatest condition, but the important part is it's driveable. Getting back into this car is like coming home after a long trip abroad. First pic of the first test drive in many many years: Glad to see all the familiar names, like seeing old faces at a reunion. -Robert
  2. "We need more mods..." http://www.26liter.us/wp-content/gallery/rare-stararri/starrari030.jpg http://www.26liter.us/wp-content/gallery/rare-stararri/starrari031.jpg http://www.26liter.us/wp-content/gallery/rare-stararri/P8170162.JPG http://www.26liter.us/wp-content/gallery/rare-stararri/P8170161.JPG Done. -Robert
  3. The GM AIT's spec 3.457k ohms at 20c, factory spec 2.45k ohms at 20c... so it's not "just a couple of degrees off." That's besides the point though, as the secondary AIT you're talking about won't affect the car enough to really notice. The first one, in the MAS, however, will. -Robert
  4. The oil pan is definitely not protected. The front of mine is scraped up, and so was the one I replaced it with. Also have some good scrapes in the sway bar. When I hit an unmarked raised section of the road, the crossmember was bent back into the oil pan, puncturing the pan from the steering stops. Nothing else was damaged and I drove back home 1/2 mile or so, leaking oil. On the cannonball run I went on months ago, there was a section with poorly paved road and the Ferrari I was chasing was scraping more than my car was. I spoke to the owner recently and he said they come with skid plates, fortunately haha. I've been working on one myself, maybe I'll have it ready in time for summer. I haven't damaged the airdam though, and it scrapes all the time. -Robert
  5. Good news to hear that you're getting better Shelby!! -Robert
  6. Looking good. I need to make some of those. -Robert
  7. Ooops, wasn't trying to drag anyone into this pointless BS lol. Some of us, including myself, take the internet a bit too seriously from time to time. Thanks for taking the time to reply without the Fbombs and such, Mark. We did get along at some point, I remember this, and chatting for hours. What I don't remember is what happened exactly to make it go awry, but I'd rather not rehash that if anyone does remember. As harsh as this may sound, it's not important anymore. I only posted to respond to the thread asking where I had gone, correct the actual reasons for my absence, and put forth an olive branch hoping the drama stops here. (Yes everyone, I am aware of the downfalls in making this thread, but am positive the outcome will benefit us... or else lol) We don't need to do this to each other, adding useless drama and stress into each other's lives. I'm sure everyone else is tired of it too. It may never go back to the way it was, but we can make it better if we try. Time away really puts things in perspective, if you feel you need it, that's great. I take no gratification in being responsible for anyone leaving. and hope you come back soon. -Robert
  8. Long wooden planks, 2x6's supported underneath. I need 2x4's just to lift mine lol. -Robert
  9. Drove it, in the pouring rain lol... But I don't mind the rain. I've been wanting a shot with tree blossoms, and snapped this one today with my cell phone. -Robert
  10. Now that's what I'd call a target rich environment... -Robert
  11. SOTTY, the man himself. If any thread deserves pancake bunny, it would definitely be this one. We just need to find a picture of pancake bunny driving a golf cart next to the pool and it will be perfect. -Robert
  12. Chad!! Woah what are you sellin'?! No, 'mad. Thanks!! Hello Mr. Brown, I hope you are doing well. Edde, it's good to see you back here. "Back from the dead". I would say a lot of us here are unbalanced to some degree, just some more than others lol. Britt... nobody ever said I was smart LOL... the slacker part you are correct about though. I do have more pics, and even a video... I'll have to stop dragging around and post them up. Hey Tim, good to hear from you. Yeah their response was definitely skewed lol. Meeting you and Sam at Mesquite 11 was definitely fun... too many shenanigans to remember LOL. -Robert
  13. Lol... I see you already forgot what you posted last week. Just let it go. -Robert
  14. LOL... the best thread title ever. I haven't left, I've just upgraded my company: http://home.comcast.net/~Komeuppance/CnCRun7x.jpg Haha kidding, that was just a cannonball run we did months back. I've been busy with other irons in the fire, and working on new business ventures, so my time has been limited here. A little birdie suggested that a few things needed clearing up... the "drama centric" users trying to tarnish my good name... because internet cred and bad things said on the internet should be taken extremely seriously and above all else. I hope your sarcasm detector is working, if not please feel free to flame on!! Lol... Burton, I wish you and your new family the best... even though your many posts indicate you wish otherwise for me. I hope the vendors section is still helping you out a lot, which you stated really made a lot of your sales. I also hope you'll stop bashing this site and it's members behind their backs... especially since you profit from being here. Side-swipe/etc/etc/etc/etc/... I forgot how many times you've been banned LOL. If you offered an apology letter and showed you can change your poor attitude, then you wouldn't need to sneak back in. You've created at least 10 user names, and many more that I haven't found yet. Man up, show you can follow the rules, and be a productive member here. You've already started a little bit, but sneaking back in constantly is not going to work. Pass the word on to Killtodie too. Starion0352/Johnywadd/etc... It's time you finally let the past go, and move on. You've turned your reputation as a scammer/rip off artist around over the years. Many moderators and even Ryddler said they would never let you back in after what transpired, but you made a new reputation for yourself for the better. It's time to turn the page again. I know you like to state I barely do anything for the site and have not made any write ups (lol) so I'll clue you in... I am the one who organized and cleaned up the FAQ section here, it really needed to be done. Speaking of things that needed to be done, the Vendors section you really care about, guess who. The newbies section... yep. BTW, I've always had my own site, so don't be surprised that there's a new one lol. According to a few, I don't do anything useful around here besides take candy away from babies and make them cry... lol... think about that analogy with forums, and let it really sink in. I can see why the frequent offenders of the rules are upset with me. Speaking of frequent offenders, the disagreement between the mods over Caliber308's need to be here has be going on for years... yes, years. After trying many times to explain why he shouldn't be here, it became a waste of time and effort for me. One of the reasons claimed why he should be here was that we need to help him become a better person, and that this was a moderator's priority. As ludicrous as that sounds, I can see the value in it... at least the first half. I did try, early on, to reason with him as did many others, including members. With other priorities in my life becoming much higher than baby sitting grown men on the internet, I focused more on those. I have made many great friends, some of them I know will be lifelong friends, and have met many great people through this site and through our love for these cars. I know others have too. That is the potential this site has, and why it should be cherished and valued with utmost care. Perhaps it's why I do not take kindly to those who abuse their privilege to be here. In accordance with Ryddler's policy there is no permanent banishment, only a keep out order until you agree to play nice. A difficult task to administer in some cases, though most who really cared about the site understood and became better members afterwards. That possibility to make a change for the better is another reason why we should not take this site for granted. -Robert
  15. Conquests are slightly heavier, so a Starion's speed and performance will be slightly better. Noticeable, no, but the extra weight is there. The real differences between the fuel systems 83, 84-85, 85.5-86, 87-88-89, is the advancement of idle control, better cold start, altitude adjustments, and higher fuel cut to allow for more boost. Those who say one is better than the other usually are biased, and that is the reason for a lot of misinformation. "88/89 ecu's are so much better, they're the best!" Yeah, best idle fuel maps lol. -Robert
  16. Keep oil in them, change regularly. Don't overheat, and keep your cooling system working properly. Fix problems before they get worse. That's all you need to keep it reliable and make it last. -Robert
  17. My good friend/Mitsubishi addict found the Team Mitsubishi Mighty Max for sale locally here in Oregon... of course we had to go and check it out. http://www.davewolin.com/images/truck1.jpg So bad ace, he couldn't resist buying it. It came with some spare parts, which were at a shop not far away. We then learned that the shop owner, Fred Lux, was THE guy who built the Coors Racetruck Challenge trucks for Team Mitsubishi/Dave Wolin, which they also took to Pike's Peak. He also built the IMSA Starion for the same team as well as quite a few other Mitsu's. We ended up BS'n with him for hours, before even looking at the engines we were supposed to pick up haha. His shop workers might have liked the disruption we caused because they started taking smoke breaks to listen to the stories. I could tell he was also a Mitsubishi addict, he liked to use the term "cheap speed" in talking about the turbo vehicles. We had discussed about modifications for Starions vs what they did back then. He also told us stories of the glory days, how stingy Mitsubishi was, as well as adventures and exploits... Mitsubishi lovers must be cut from the same cloth lol. One of his first "claims to fame" was a story about the one of the race trucks, crashing through a pile up at high speed at Pocono raceway. One of the big national papers printed a caption that read something like "Mitsubishi truck crashes and turns into ball of flames flying down the track", in the picture they printed, his name on the truck was just barely visible. A proud moment, he joked. Here is one of the pictures he has, almost center stage, amidst the pictures of race Vipers and Vettes he's built over the years: http://home.comcast.net/~Komeuppance/LuxStarion.jpg The mythical Starion in IMSA class, among the pictures of Eclipses he'd built, right behind a giant trophy for a Viper race. Here's a picture from Dave Wolin's site: http://www.davewolin.com/images/imsastar1.jpg Fred Lux, window side at Road Atlanta 1988. His shop now builds Vipers and Porsches for a national race series, I forgot which, as well as robotics for police and government. He still campaigns a Mitsu in the ChumpCar series, a twin stick turbo Mirage. He also showed us this "drift" big wheel they take to race events, which they like to park next to the line up of Ferrari's or Buggati's, and steal the show. http://home.comcast.net/~Komeuppance/DriftWheel.jpg And here he is demonstrating it for us, out in the front of the shop lol. It was great to hear the stories, and see how laidback the man was. Just wanted to share with ya'll. Maybe my friend will post up more about his new racetruck and some more about the legend of Fred Lux and Team Mitsubishi. In the meantime, here's a refresher about the Starion from current owner Chad (also a local Oregon member): -Robert
  18. Moving on up, to the east side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky!! Hope all goes well for you. -Robert
  19. Nice update. I use a porterfield r4-s compound, which only needs one brake at first and rapidly gets up to temp. Depending on the track they'd hold up, but would be pretty good on a cone dodger I believe. They've been working great for me, regularly smashing through canyon drives. So good I even had a full set on the wife's car for when I take it for a spin. I'm thinking about getting a set for my van lol. -Robert
  20. Tim (76coltgalant) is a real 'murican. I'm buying lots of booze, so you got no excuse this weekend lol. -Robert
  21. Yep, Nissan/Datsun engineers most of their engines to a lower strength level vs Mitsubishi. -Robert
  22. I like the color you have vs that VW. Get the shop to pay for the body work on that spare hood, they need to own up to their stupidity. -Robert
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