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Various parts in PA


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After like 28 years of messing with these cars I have decided to move on.  I have sold 2 of my cars, most of my parts, and the parts car is going to the scrapyard soon.  Cleaned out the shed and garage and these are the parts that I still have left.  


Starion "TURBO" rear hatch, painted yellow, no struts - $75

Hood, paint is peeling, some minor dents and a little surface rust - $50

87 and earlier maroon velour Passenger side seat in good shape (also have an extra set of controls) - $50

86 widebody front struts, both with rotors, calipers - $75

86 widebody steering column - $25

86 clutch and flywheel - $50

86 motor, no exhaust manifold, has intake but nothing above that.  unsure of condition.  It came in a car that we bought for the body and some components were missing so we never started it.  Motor sat in a shed for 10+ years so I would recommend pulling it apart to check it out.  Tried to keep the mice out of it but should be gone through.  - $200

Various black carpeted pieces from trunk including 2 formed pieces around wheel wells, trunk carpeting, etc - $50

Rims two 7" fronts and one 8" rear (might have some others left on parts car) all with dents or curb rash - $25 each

Rear Speaker trays, 1 tab is broken on 1 and 1 cracked on other - $50

And whatever parts I can pull off the 88 before it goes to the scrapyard.  If you need something specific let me know.  car probably going to scrap yard on 11/13.


I do not want to ship the larger parts.  Buyer will pay actual shipping costs for the rest.  All parts are located in Williamsport PA.  Not looking to get rich just like to get some useful parts to someone who could use them.  Price too high then make me an offer.  Can do a package deal on everything if you want it all.   Can send pics of parts, just PM me your number.  Thanks.


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I think this photo answers the question.   The image no starquester ever wants to see


I would have brought it down to my house, but it would have made family relations a bit of a struggle, haha.    But he still has some of the parts off of it, I'll let him respond.  He's in Williamsport btw.



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Damn shame, but understand the fam relations.  Still was good stuff on it

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techboy, sent you a PM.

Yes it was a sickening sound hearing the glass shatter.  There was still some good stuff on the car but the car was very rough.  The panels looked fairly good in the picture but everything was dented or rusty.  Rockers and sections of the floor were completely gone.  I wanted to pull more parts but ran out of time before the car had to go and honestly I just emptied the shed of 2 truckloads of parts and didn't want to put more back in the shed.  I will be adding a couple more parts to the list as time permits.



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