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  1. techboy, sent you a PM. Yes it was a sickening sound hearing the glass shatter. There was still some good stuff on the car but the car was very rough. The panels looked fairly good in the picture but everything was dented or rusty. Rockers and sections of the floor were completely gone. I wanted to pull more parts but ran out of time before the car had to go and honestly I just emptied the shed of 2 truckloads of parts and didn't want to put more back in the shed. I will be adding a couple more parts to the list as time permits. Thanks. Brett
  2. After like 28 years of messing with these cars I have decided to move on. I have sold 2 of my cars, most of my parts, and the parts car is going to the scrapyard soon. Cleaned out the shed and garage and these are the parts that I still have left. Starion "TURBO" rear hatch, painted yellow, no struts - $75 Hood, paint is peeling, some minor dents and a little surface rust - $50 87 and earlier maroon velour Passenger side seat in good shape (also have an extra set of controls) - $50 86 widebody front struts, both with rotors, calipers - $75 86 widebody steering column - $25 86 clutch and flywheel - $50 86 motor, no exhaust manifold, has intake but nothing above that. unsure of condition. It came in a car that we bought for the body and some components were missing so we never started it. Motor sat in a shed for 10+ years so I would recommend pulling it apart to check it out. Tried to keep the mice out of it but should be gone through. - $200 Various black carpeted pieces from trunk including 2 formed pieces around wheel wells, trunk carpeting, etc - $50 Rims two 7" fronts and one 8" rear (might have some others left on parts car) all with dents or curb rash - $25 each Rear Speaker trays, 1 tab is broken on 1 and 1 cracked on other - $50 And whatever parts I can pull off the 88 before it goes to the scrapyard. If you need something specific let me know. car probably going to scrap yard on 11/13. I do not want to ship the larger parts. Buyer will pay actual shipping costs for the rest. All parts are located in Williamsport PA. Not looking to get rich just like to get some useful parts to someone who could use them. Price too high then make me an offer. Can do a package deal on everything if you want it all. Can send pics of parts, just PM me your number. Thanks. Brett
  3. The car is sold, but may have may have a couple leftover part that buyer does not want.
  4. Car is sold! On its way to VA with a truck full of parts. Thanks for the interest.
  5. The SHP 9" wheels are long gone.
  6. I need to get rid of my faded red 88 SHP parts car. The lower body is very rusty, rockers are gone, holes in floor, etc. I have had this car since 2003. The previous owner spun a rod bearing, pulled the SHP wheels and a few other parts and sold me the car. I do still have the old block but it is probably more useful as a boat anchor. It was a 5 speed car but transmission and all related manual parts have been pulled for use on a friend's 5 spd conversion. I also pulled the wiring harness and associated electrical components. This had a black leather interior. The dash was pulled but is still in the car. The front seats are trashed. The rear seats and surrounds may be ok. No rear hatch carpeting, that was all pulled for another vehicle. Parts still in the car include: power steering pump, steering box and hoses, dash, SHP adjustable struts, complete rear end, rear speaker trays. Many other parts included in car include 2 radiators (1narrowbody, 1 widebody), a couple rear bumper covers, rear bumper, springs. Car has all glass except windshield is cracked. Both doors are decent, front passenger fender is ok with 1 small dent, drivers side was hit. Paint on hood is rough but appears solid. Front bumper cover and air dam is gone. Car has 2 rims and 2 temp spares on it. Car has title but I never transferred to my name. I was going to part this out myself but don't have time. Asking $xxx or best reasonable offer. Car is located in Williamsport PA. Willing to do package deal on all 3 cars. PM me for contact info or pictures. Thanks, Brett
  7. I need to get rid of my 1987 Starion ESIr. I have owed this car since 2004. It was a 5 speed car. The Good: The car has one of the best bodies I have ever seen. There is a small spot of rust on the corner of the front driver's side fender and the hood has some rust spots. The car was originally silver (sorry don't remember which one) but was repainted at a local college before I got the car. Some of the clear is peeling and the hood has some rough spots. The car has a black velour interior and i think it is all there. The car has 60k on it. The Bad: The car does have an "R" title due to a collison in the front. Some of the metal on the front strut towers are wrinkled and the front frame rail has a kink. All of the body lines and gaps appear fairly straight and even. A previous owner was going to do an engine conversion and removed the engine and transmission and started stripping the engine bay so most components under the hood are gone. There are so many parts in the back of the car that I'm not sure what is there and what is not. Much of the interior was left alone. It looks like someone tried to splice in another fuse block. I pulled the wiring harness, some other electrical components, brake booster, and other parts from my 88 parts car and this will also be included with the car. I was planning on installing a Chevy V8 but no longer have the desire. I would like to see this put back together and not parted. Asking $xxxx or best reasonable offer. I do have a spare motor out of an 86 that can be purchased with the car. See my other cars for sale posts. Car is located in Williamsport PA. PM me for pictures or contact info. Thanks, Brett
  8. I have decided to get out of the Conquest game. Wife says my 3 cars need to disappear before my new project comes home. 1987 Conquest TSI, white with maroon leather interior. 122k, 5 speed The good: Car has 1G BOV, 1G MAS, 88 igniter box, 88 computer, 88 flywheel and clutch, 88/89 1 piece spoiler, boost has been turned up to 10 psi, crank vent kit, short shifter, and a full 3" exhaust with Dynamax muffler. The car runs and drives fine but has not been inspected since 8/2013. I broke the hood cable, the battery died, so the car got parked for a while. I finally got the hood open, the battery charged, but have only driven the car around the block since. I have recently replaced the hood cable, changed the oil, and replaced the fuel pump. The interior is fairly clean and it doe have factory front floor mats. I put covers over the front seats because they got quite warm in the summer. The bad: The car will not pass inspection as it sits. At a minimum, the car will need body work and tires. It has a hole in the passenger side rocker panel, holes in bottom of front fenders, and the rear wheel wells are starting to go through again. My friend had done the rear quarters before I got the car. The frame rails may need new covers. The oil pressure gauge really has not worked since I owed the car. I have put at least 3 or 4 gauges in and still have not gotten it to work correctly. Not sure what else it will need. I would recommend going over the car fully. The car does smoke a little at full boost. The engine could use a refresh but not absolutely necessary. I do have some patch panels that will go with the car. I have owned the car since 8/2008 and put almost 10k miles on it. A good friend owned it before that so we probably have about 20 years of history with it. Over the last 13 years I have replaced many parts. I will try to make a list of them when i have time. I will also try to get pictures posted as soon as I figure out how to do that. I am asking $xxxx or best reasonable offer for the car. I have been collecting parts for over 20 years and may have some other stuff that I can include with the car. Car needs to go. Please PM me for pictures or contact info. I will be posting info on the other 2 cars I am selling. Cars are in Williamsport PA. Thanks, Brett
  9. Wow!! Looks like the car is really coming along nicely. I wanted to come out and visit but too many other things going on. Give me a call sometime. Brett
  10. I have the same issue with my car. I have tried about 4 sending units but gauge still doesn't work. I was told that the S933 sending unit worked so I tried that one but it still didn't work. Grounded out the wire and turn the key and it slowly climbs to H. I think I am going to go the aftermarket route because I am getting tired of messing with it. I have some spare clusters that I can switch out to make sure that it isn't the gauge. I guess I will try that this weekend. Any other ideas? Brett
  11. I think what most people on here are trying to tell you is that you may be sitting with this car for sale for a while at that price. The biggest reason is that the flatbody cars are less desirable than the widebody cars. While the red plush interior may be rare, the 87 Technica package with an Automatic was not. I owned one of the rarest optioned 87 flatbody cars, an LE, 5 speed, black velour interior, in Atlantic Blue, that had been intercooled by the previous owner, and it took me over 3 years to sell the car for $1000 (you can see the details at http://www.starquestclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=45487&st=0). I'm not saying what your car is worth, just that you need to find the right person looking for a car like yours. Good luck with the sale. Brett
  12. I got some more parts from Mike. Quick response, quick shipping, good price, and parts were in better shape than I expected. Great guy to deal with. Brett
  13. I bought some items from Goddard, everything went smooth, items were shipped immediately. Parts were cleaned up nicely. Great guy to deal with. Brett
  14. The car had only been driven about 700 miles in the last 6 or 7 years, and a lot of the time I had it, it sat with only a couple gallons of fuel in it. Tank should probably be dropped and fully cleaned out. Brett
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