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Fixing my 'How to' threads in the FAQ - again


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I guess I'm at the final stage of grief when it comes to the loss of information due to the data center issue of this site.  Acceptance that is.  I know I've been through the Denial, Anger, and Bargaining phases haha.   I don't think Depression is applicable, for it is just a car site.   

But anyways, I have started to fix the links to my threads in the FAQ section..yet again.   If you remember, the hosting site for my photos was revamped last year and it broke all of my photo links.  I had to manually update each link address in every one of my posts to fix the issue.   Well due to the data center issue here, it reverted all of these back.   I was sitting tight to see if the administrators would have any success with a later backup but I haven't heard anything.   So, I started the re-link process again.  

The good news is that most of my threads are still here, for they were created prior to 2015 (with the exception of most of my restoration thread on my blue conquest and all of my black conquest restoration thread...arghhhh).   Also, I'm able to paste a larger photo in the threads now due to the new site instead of the thumbnail links that I did last year.   This will help and add clarity.


So, I'll be slowly fixing these all up again.   Here is the list of threads I'll be touching and what my status is:

Suspension, Steering, Brakes FAQ:

  • How to Rebuild a Steering Box (with spool supplement) <-- COMPLETE 11/9/21
  • How to Rebuild the Steering Column (need to add ignition switch rebuild, for it was lost) <-- COMPLETE 11/9/21
  • Rear Brake Caliper Assembly <-- COMPLETE 11/10/21

Transmission, Clutch, and Drivetrain FAQ:

  • How to Rebuild our Differential and Torque Tube <-- COMPLETE 11/9/21
  • How to Rebuild an 88/89 Manual Transmission (including short shifter installation, for it was lost) <-- COMPLETE WITH EXCEPTION TO THE SHORT SHIFTER INSTALLATION 11/19/21
  • 88/89 KM1432 Transmission Bearing P/N's and info <-- COMPLETE 11/19/21
  • How to Do a Zero Play Clutch Pedal (my posts in JohnnyWadd's thread) <-- COMPLETE 11/9/21
  • 6 Bolt CV Axle Boots (my posts in CaliConquestAlex' thread) <-- COMPLETE 11/10/21

Body-Interior/Exterior FAQ:

  • Restoration of our Rear Tail-Lights <-- COMPLETE 11/10/21
  • Sound Deadening Installation <-- COMPLETE 11/10/21
  • Door Popper Installation  <-- COMPLETE 11/10/21

Heat and A/C FAQ:

  • How to Rebuild the Heater Box and Blower Motor Assemblies <-- COMPLETE 11/10/21

Cams Forum:

  • 3.0L Roller Rocker Arms <-- COMPLETE 11/10/21
  • Roller Camshaft Discussion - Data Collection (this thread was in process when the site was restored and all the newer posts are gone) <-- COMPLETE 11/10/21, did the best I could to summarize the lost info...but it has been too long for me to remember everything


Let me know if I missed any.   

I will say that the transmission ones will be last to fix, for they are the longest.   Actually, I'm going to be embarking on another KM132 rebuild soon and plan on taking new photos of the disassembly to fix the thread due to an inadvertent  deletion of the original photos on my hard drive years ago.  On a side note, I've been requesting that anyone fill in the gap and shoot me over their photos so I could update the thread.  You would think in seven years, someone would have come through on this request...wishful thinking.  Ok, rant over.   

If all things go as planned, I may be putting together a detailed automatic to manual transmission swap thread...but I don't want to get ahead of myself on that one just yet.  



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