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In Topic: Servicing torque tube

Today, 11:41 AM

good quality grease. and make sure the bearing in the TT spin nice and smooth. the mesh of the tooth might have excessive slop.
I wish we could get new ones. o \I need a new TT and spline gear for mine bad.

In Topic: pcristquester's outer sunroof seal

Today, 06:17 AM

it is better than what I have now...Nothing.

In Topic: WTB rear differential cover gasket

Today, 05:59 AM

have you looked at some of the D50 or mighty max part numbers?

check 89 2.0 mighty max

MAHLE P27682  

Differential Cover Gasket

again not sure it is correct BUT we can use some of the gears from the trucks I believe.

In Topic: Brembo 's from the Evolution X

Yesterday, 08:35 AM

I would like a set of EVO X ...

In Topic: pcristquester's outer sunroof seal

Yesterday, 08:16 AM

count me  in!!!!!!!!