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  1. It stood for fun...not sure why the mods took it off.
  2. A total of 12 cars showed up to the house party after optima. It was a good time.
  3. Thought I'd share some pics from the optima event at the track and the member get together afterwards. http://s1050.photobu...VEGAS MEET 2015 http://s1050.photobu...Street Car 2015
  4. http://www.filedropper.com/2015-10-08200020 http://www.filedropper.com/2015-10-08194653 Tune file and datalog posted.
  5. Nice to see the price is going up on these. I have two on my shelf...lol
  6. Beware ordering replacements from rockauto. I ordered both sides and the pssenger side one had broken ebrake linkage and didn't work. I cleaned up my stock one and put it on and it was fine.
  7. My req fuel is only 2.0 because i have 95lb injectors. If i go higher on the req fuel, my ve numbers are too small down low to have enough resolution for tuning idle.
  8. Fixed the ebrake and the rear hatch release lever. Drove it a bit and swapped my loud bov on instead of the synchronic.
  9. Recent engine pic. I had to reroute the wastegate and it's not ideal but it is working fine. http://i1050.photobucket.com/albums/s415/apordes/Mobile%20Uploads/20150623_212311_zpsfwvgeya4.jpg
  10. http://i1050.photobucket.com/albums/s415/apordes/Mobile%20Uploads/20150912_230506_zpsuwvik175.jpg
  11. I put dual spring cosmo coilovers and mk1 adjustable camber plates in the rear. Still have the front to do but the ride is great. It's around stock ride height with no body roll or bounce. http://i1050.photobucket.com/albums/s415/apordes/Mobile%20Uploads/20150911_014835_zpsv80zhv1x.jpg
  12. FYI, the MK1 struts are not compatible with the dual spring cosmo coil overs because the seal is oversized on them compared to stock or kyb. That's why I'm trying to get new kybs or have mine rebuilt. Thanks for the info. I'll try cycling them and i may just ride them out until they totally die.
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