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Today, 09:20 AM

well from what I found
run the engine at 2500 rpm or more for the first 15 minutes or half hour. that way the cam always has oil thrown on it from the lower end, so it won't go dry and eat up a lobe, until the surfaces wear in to each. Vary the RPM a little 2K to 3K helps


In Topic: 89 Conquest Build

Yesterday, 06:44 PM

Nice up date. Get her done.

In Topic: Plugged Catalytic Converter?!

Yesterday, 06:32 PM

Thanks for posting your trial and error and the FIX.

Glad you got it running good.

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Yesterday, 06:24 PM

Oh yeah I could not remember that term for the life of me....

In Topic: Dizzy clearance with CHAD Intake

Yesterday, 06:20 PM

Good to know.
Thanks for the info.
Glad you got it sorted out.