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The 800 dollar Mazdaspeed 3 project

28 July 2019 - 11:24 AM

Recently picked up a 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 from an ex coworker for 800 dollars. 2.3l turbo 6 speed manual transmission. Stock they have decent power and torque.

The car originally was traded into my dealership with a blown engine. Sat around for a few months until they decided they weren't going to put a motor in it or try and flip it at auction. My co worker had picked it up for around 2k dollars. Didnt do anything on the car for a year and a half then calls me out of the blue. Says "You want this thing or not? Give me 800 and I will tow it to your house."

I blue booked the car, value is around 7-10k in good condition. Body is straight, few scratches and the interior needs detailing. Sure why not. The car already has a 3" TurboXS exhaust and downpipe, AEM intake, 3 port boost solenoid and I'm sure it has been tuned to some extent. The engine threw a rod so I am not sure the quality of tune or if the PO went ham on some boost causing it to blow.

Either way I got another complete engine for 2100 dollars. So far around 3k in the hole which isnt horrible. The motor I got already has a Damond Motorsports PCV/catch can plate and an EGR delete plate. I'm going to do a basic reseal of the pan and rear main as well as any other hard to reach components.

I'll upload some pictures soon.