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Windshields in AZ

21 December 2020 - 11:21 AM

I've got a few new replacement windshields in the Phoenix area, $350 picked up.

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Spacer for running a Mitsubishi Optical Distributor/Pickup

19 August 2020 - 09:56 AM

I've done a bunch of these conversions now and they work pretty well, people have asked me to make these so I had a few water jet cut.  You want to run one of these distributors if you're upgrading your ECU to one of my units or any other (Haltech, AEM) aftermarket ECU as they function just like the DSM CAS providing both a "crank" and cam signal.  Rock Auto sells a reman unit for $100-150, https://www.rockauto...istributor,7108 .  They are 1/4" longer than the G54b unit so you have to add the spacer and a longer hold down stud to make it work.

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$25 shipped via USPS.

Bigger factory style wheels

15 April 2020 - 09:02 AM

From Facebook:  https://www.airtekk....t-starquest.htm

He claims he can also make them without all the bolts showing.

Every Cam Works

15 February 2020 - 12:17 PM

Good vid by Richard Holdner.  At 17:20 the discussion is relevant to the factory Starquest turbo system (the hotside was too small all along).