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I run this one

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yup count me in please!!!

My prototype that I received to test years a go warped due
to one good summer day of sunshinning in my front window. it
warped like a horseshoe where you press it to open the lid.

I believe the material used in this batch that NotaDeLorean
is making will be far better than the prototype I have. the
temp rating is a lot lower on my current latch.

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Yesterday, 05:28 AM

Should be able to reach my desired boost with just adjusting the waste gate actuator alone?

YES you can for sure do that.

I believe the wastegate on the 88-89 is set to 10psi.
the wastegate for the 87 is set to 7.5. The ecu will
not give you 10 psi. I believe the fuel map is just
better for 88 - 89.
I ran more than 12 on my 87 for years no issues on
stock turbo.

The easiest way is to just get a manual boost controller.
set it at your desired boost and have fun.

I also agree you should get a BOV ( Blow Off Valve) for sure.

on a side note....
make sure the car is running properly.
spark plugs are gapped properly
wires are good
no bucking or mis fires

they always say to tune when making changes

GET A WIDE BAND A/F gauge !!!
GET a boost gauge also the dash is a calculated boost reading
it is not too accurate.

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08 February 2019 - 06:37 AM

no sir