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    OH NO!!!

    The data center where the site was housed on a Virtual Machine was shut down. The person who was in charge of the VM never saw the emails about migrating because it was flagged as spam and went to his junk folder. Long story short, they turned off the lights and locked the door without SQC being migrated to a new server.

    Unfortunately the most viable backup to use is from Nov. 2015 so we lost numerous posts and registered members. If you joined after that date you will need to register again.

    The new site requires you to use the email address in your profile to log into SQC and whatever password you had back in 2015. If you don’t remember your password there is a “Forgot your password?” option at the bottom of the Sign In block. If you don’t remember the email you used in your profile contact one of the Moderators for assistance or email loginhelp@starquestclub.com 

    Wheel Offset and Tire Size (87-89)

    By KO,
    Posted By 88 ESI-R   Tire Size     FRONT: 205/55/VR16 (7" front wheel) or 225/50/VR16 (8" front wheel)   REAR: 225/50/VR16 (8" rear wheel) or 245/45/VR16 (9" rear wheel)     Wheel Size   Front: 7"x16" (7J-16) or 8"x16" (8J-16)   Rear: 8"x16" (8J-16) or 9"x16" (9J-16)     Wheel Offset   Front:   7"x16" mm (in.) 18 (.7)   8"x16" mm (in.) 18 (.7)     Rear:   8"x16" mm (in.) -10 (-.4)   9"x16" mm (in.) 0 (0)     Torque Specifications   Wheel Nuts     Nm 90-110   Ft.lbs. 65-80     8

    DSM Turbo Conversion

    By Rick_Tross,
    Hey all just got done fitting an Eclipse 16g to my Starion with the help of a few of my friends. I've never experienced a 16g before but the eclpise wastegate is much better then a conquest one. The factory boost is set higher for one thing and the turbo is more responsive. I plan on turning out a few of these conversion kits as an alternative to buying turbos made for starquests as they are more expensive also you can go to a boneyard and pick up eclipse stock turbo with my kit and have a 14g b

    Montero 3-Row Radiator

    By KO,
    I'm itching to upgrade my radiators with summer around the corner, that A/C makes it even warmer under the hood as we all know. Here's the deal, a while back I was looking at a Montero Radiator, the stock 3-row, it's definitely thicker, about the same height, not quite as wide (long) as our radiators though. Anyways, I figure it would be a good mod if I picked one of these up at a yard for $25-$50, had it rodded out, and threw it on, ay? I'm not worried about the fan situation, I run the flex fa

    is this info on the site?

    By dpaschal,
    Production Numbers of The StarQuest   82 15,000 total and not shipped in US yet 83 20,000 total and 5,000 shipped in US 84 40,000 total and 12,000 shipped in US (Starion & Conquest) 85 55,000 total and 15,000 shipped in US (introduced intercooler late 85) 86 65,000 total and 16,000 shipped in US (flared fenders introduced) 87 75,000 total and 20,000 shipped in US (new computer, auto seatbelts) 88 70,000 total and 17,000 shipped in US (better comp., sport pack. opt.) 89 65,000 total

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