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  1. this guy in person is just as stunning as his work.... just saying,,, u should see his strut conversion work!!! tha'ts whats up...
  2. WHAT'S UP BUD. hey on that dizzy, is that a direct replacement? meaning i need it to run my car so do i need to mod anything?
  3. this here is a very nice condition left side tail light for an 88 starion. i have pictures for it if they don't show up then text me for pics 321-243-0396. its not ugly by far, it has a section above the reverse light that has started to show stress cracks, but it apparently has never had any water inside it. i have cleaned and waxed it up for better protection... pics won't load up. so text for pics... i want to get 100.00 for it .shipping should not be a whole lot. 115.00 shipped anywhere in the u.s. if it happens to be more im paying the difference.
  4. i got two sets. let me see wich one is the best and then i can get back to you...
  5. these have been on my magna for three years or so, i didnt do much racing with them but every dyno run or 1/4 mile run was a good dependant run. these are straight bolt-on low impedance set-up. i have a new engine im building and moving on to 1600cc injectors. 150.00 free shipping in the states i for some reason cant upload pics... text me for pics and make offers if you really want or need these.. these were flow tested by "horsepower sales" the day i got them... they are stamped ( 321-243-0396 ) #1- 67.3 #2- 67.5 #3- 67.5 #4- 67.6 i have never been an E.F.I. guru so i can't tell you exactly what cc's they are , but i know where they came from and what they did for my engine. they were purchased for a corvette motor build my boss at tuffy's was building and they held up flawlessly at 35 psi .... i had no issues with these. i just happened to obtain 4 1600's at a great deal and figure to sell these....
  6. ok engine has been finished and installed, went ahead and used a hydraulic cam, i am still in need of a mechanical cam so i can send to schneider and get it reground, please. 321-243-0396 miguel i need a price shipped to 32766 thanks again fellow starquesters
  7. i have a stock one in great shape, i want to sell for 80.00 shipped, i used the trilogy one, fittment is not so accurate, but i got it to fit good, make me an offer...
  8. hey man i have two of these.. 200.00 plus shipping..silver one, was new till i got it painted and there was no flex agent added, sooo it cracked. i would find a big box to fit it in and ship, fedex, ups, regular usps? and im working on adding the other one to my gallery, its not bad shape it needs minor fixing, but its good shape. 125.00 plus shipping, was red, then painted with spray can?! black if you send me a phone number i can send on there..
  9. Lights sold yet ? Sorry to re- ask!! I'll take them if not sold yet 170.00 shipped? PP address also. Thanks
  10. yes i am interested, and ready for a purchase, thank you for the response, count me in, put me on the top of your list. im busy doing other things to my car , but this gets top priority from me,,,,
  11. Thank you my good sir. Pleasure doing business with you...
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