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  1. Hey there. Just popped onto the site to lurk as I do a time or two every year and got caught up. Figured I’d post to say hi and catch up. Can’t recall the last time I posted. I retired from the PD in 2019. Great career, 21 years total 17 in special operations between Bomb, Swat, K9. I unwittingly retired right before all hell broke loose. No regrets there! I work still, got a sweet job with a company that builds cell towers. Family is great. 2 kids are out of the house, 3 left at home for a bit. We were supposed to go to Ireland in 2021 for our 25th Anniversary, and we’ll you know how that went. Current cars include a Land Rover LR4, BMW Z4, pickup, motorcycle, I bought an 06 Mini 5speed a few months back to have something fun for winter months when the nice cars are in storage. The Mini is fun as hell. Still have a mint 89 Quest hood complete with heat shields hanging in my shop!
  2. See... and people say all these "new" people make things different around here. Theres more than one 10 year member in this thread alone. One the resto Jeep thread. I finished it, ran like a bear and was absolutely beautiful. Not as beautiful as what I sold it for though. Did I mention communist babies don't come cheap? I sold it to help fund the adoption. Hated to see it go but got a sizable amount of cash for it and it went towards a good cause. I would like to rebuild another from the ground up again. Lot of sweat and a bit of blood went into that project. I sold the Jeep and bought an Aztek (no strangeness there). Flipped the Aztek in a snowstorm on the thruway a while back. Mr Toads wold ride for sure, it was fun only because I didn't get hurt. Now I normally ride the Trek all summer, spring and fall I ride the Enfield and I have a bad Ram 1500 for the winter months. Well, the winter months when it is too icey to take the motorcycle out. For the past three or four years I've put three times as many miles on two wheeled conveyances as I have four wheeled ones.
  3. My info may be dated but I believe Tim C upgraded and rebuilt my alternator..... even painted it to match my color scheme. If Tim doesn't do it anymore any local shop can do it. Find a shop with the old guys that remember how to do such things instead of giving you something off the shelf. I've made a habit of finding the old machine shops, old suspension shops.... Hang out at the track enough and you get an idea of who knows what.
  4. I know how you feel. Although I don't remember posting about leaving. I just sort of fade in and out. Sort of like college from what I remember. I got busier, sold the car, held on for a year or so then.... I pop in from time to time, get in touch with the people I remember, see that the site went through a complete upgrade. I like to see the progress of new things in the troubleshooting forum and chuckle at the not so new things in the troubleshooting forums....
  5. Dad, I absolutely fell in love with my LCP. Ot is perfect for my "active lifestyle". I carry it everywhere in the summer. In the winter I still carry a full size 1911 or my Sig 226 but for shorts and t-shirt weather the LCP allows me to carry and still tuck in a shirt. I digress.... Robert, A laser? I'm surprised by that. Blah, why not a built in tac light that could be more useful? (hijack font) It is my opinion that lasers are more of a hindrance than help. In daylight they are virtually useless. In low light they are not bright enough to blind the target but serve to give away your position. They detract from fundamental shooting skills and in a low light condition with a discharge they will only be good for the first shot. The muzzle flash will make it all but impossible to detect the location of the laser after the first shot, then you fall back on fundamentals again (sight alignment trigger squeeze). So, in conclusion, a good tac light will serve to disorient a target, allow for good sight picture, light up said bad guy so you can see them better, can be used for multiple shots and encourage the basics. (end hijack font) Thoughts?
  6. Thanks Shelby, Five kids is awesome. After the third we finally figured out what the cause was. We would adopt once more but as my wife yells at me for saying, communist kids dont come cheap.
  7. Strictly for home defense I like an 870, effective, you can choose your load and you have many options. Plus every person on the planet knows the sound of a shotgun cycling. I have several 870's. Some for tactical things, some for fun, one for home defense. Shorty barrel simple mods. I used to carry tactical buck but when we started having kids I switched to birdshot. Not as powerful but itll have an effect and virtually no chance of penetration through walls. If the first round isn't effective I figure the consecutive ones will be, especially since follow up shots would be with the shooter sprinting at the bad guy LOL.
  8. A Starion on Seinfeld? No freakin way! I hope it was balt blue and not silver, they are always silver. I sear there is a posted in Princess Bride with a rally Starion inn it................... DB, it's what my kids say because they aren't allowed to repeat their father when he is describing people by naming them after feminine hygiene products... I'm guessing the local college student with the blue Quest has graduated because I haven't seen it around town all year. Used to see it at Dunkin all the time. I've been packing some things in anticipation of moving to a bigger house and found my box of stuff. I've got a box of factory brochures, the book we (Marc still around?) had published, set of factory decals etc. Lots of stuff, in storage I even uncovered the hood from the TSI complete with heat shield that I kept when I put on the fiberglass hood from our first group purchase. memories..... (NO none of it is for sale)
  9. Well Helloooooooooooo there. I am bored. Reason I am bored, I'll get to that in a moment. Update: All five kids are great, Oldest boy cross country great at school, oldest girl lacrosse-great at school, middle boy gymnastics-great at school, littlest boy follows dad around pushing the boundaries everywhere he goes, asian wonder doing great fits is awesome although she is starting to get mouthy (its the age not anything else). Work has been fantastic, still traveling the world yelling at people and playing with explosives. Back to the boredom. As I mentioned years ago (AKA last time I stopped in), I commute to work on the bicycle when I can. Was the Gary Fisher the past few years and this year I bought a brand new Trek 1.5. After three years and over 7k miles I finally had my first real crash. DB traveling the same direction as I was decided to make right hand turn in front of me. He ended up with a messed up Neon. I was wearing helmet, eyepro, long sleeve shirt, cycling shorts, full finger motorcycle gloves (thank goodness for the gloves!) I ended up with road rash to face, forearms, wrists, knee, broken humerus (up at the ball portion in the shoulder), separated shoulder, rotator cuff damage and a lot of broken gear. So, I have been out of work for three weeks, out for at least another three, maybe longer. I go back to ortho at end of month to see about light duty at work and starting pt. Until then I can't move shoulder at all because bone has to set on its own. Been going crazy not being able to do anything. Cant drive, run, cycle, build, anything fun. The only saving grace is doctor gave me permission to use my elliptical at home so at least there is that. Instead of gaining 20lbs I am only up 2-3lbs in past three weeks. So, I may be popping in a bit more for the next few weeks.
  10. By the looks of the beer on the desk I assume you haven't solved the whole lack of cup holder thing..... Darn
  11. I second the muriatic acid. It will remove any problems you have. It's fun to watch the bubbles as well. Just ventilate and don't hang out there all day. The good thing about it is that it is cheap and super effective, plus to clean up you just rinse with lots of water and your done. I've used it on every garage floor I have ever owned and it has always taken everything out. The downside is the precautions but they aren't anything major as long as you aren't retarded. "Muriatic Acid is a strong, corrosive, inorganic acid (HCl), manufactured by absorbing hydrogen chloride in water. It is one of the most corrosive of acids, and is particularly destructive to cellulose, breaking the cellulose chain into even smaller units, resulting ultimately in its complete hydrolysis. It is the same chemical as Hydrochloric Acid. Uses include cleaning brick, etching concrete, cleaning metal and for swimming pool maintenance. Will attack varnish, fabrics, metals, plastics, most paints and many other materials. Can be diluted with water. "
  12. SQF

    Gun lube

    To clean our service guns we use GM top engine cleaner, no really we do. Have it in parts washers and it works great. For oil we use mil something or other, it's in a white bottle and all I know is that it is a synthetic. I'll have to look at the bottle this weekend when I go back to work. The rangemaster takes such things very seriously and I must say I've never had a problem with any of my guns and I can shoot 2-3k rounds in a week without cleaning it some weeks.
  13. Shelby's on the Twitter.... I understand what you mean but it's fun to pick on the old guy. I had an old boss once that got crazy upset if you sent him a text message about anything. "Stop it with the stupid emails on the phone thing".
  14. Kill shot KILL SHOT!!!!! At least he is wearing a shirt.
  15. At Kel-Tec the C stands for Cwality..... I'll take a nice Beretta 391 or Rem 870 myself. I was fond of such things once, my first gun was a 10/22 I got when I was 12, put a bipod, suppressor, bulpup, titanium mag release, rear sound buffer for the bolt. All that stuff a 12 year old thinks is fun. Then I got into big boy guns that have a function and purpose
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