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  1. Along with alignment, check your crank pulley as well. The center pulley for the alt belt sits on a rubber dampener and that can fail, especially if the alt belt is overtightened for long periods. It's been forever since I've looked at it, but I think the earlier models had a solid pulley, but I could be way off on that.
  2. And for those that want to be buried with their car, just remember... this is what your creepy tail is gonna look like. http://www.documentingreality.com/forum/attachments/f10/94199d1253716932-two-creepy-funerals-funeral-lamborghini.jpg
  3. Yeah, it's interesting to see what some people attempt attach sentimental value to when it is something that they value. Except for the blue book value, the GTI wouldn't mean anything to anyone else in the family, but to me it was special because I was in a position to give it to my brother no strings attached, and he really loved the car. Despite the fact my brother and I were pretty close, besides a love for music there wasn't a whole lot for us to connect on. That was something we did connect on. At least we never got into a position where we hated each other or fought for those differences, though. While it was never a concern or an issue between my brother and I, my parents have a clause in their will that if anyone were to contest or argue what the will spells out, they're automatically out of the will and they get nothing. That was put more into place because my Mom has a lot of brothers and sisters, so obviously it wouldn't work to try and split an item so many ways. All the major things were split 50/50 between my brother and I, but there are some other things and a certain amount of money (if any is left over at the time of their death) that will go to my Dad's brother and mainly to one of my Mom's sisters. But, as things have turned out, most everything will come down to me and what I decide to do with it, I suppose. Along with other instruments, my brother had two guitars that meant a lot to him. I gave one to my uncle, which I now really regret. A couple days after the funeral my Uncle and I had a huge falling out. Had I known what all crap was going down just a few days afterward, there is no way in hell I would ever give him anything of my brother's. The other I gave to a close friend of both of ours that I know will use that guitar quite a lot. It's can be funny and odd going thru basically someone's life though. There were things that my brother had held on to from when we were kids, and then going thru his clothes there were some shirts/jackets that I'd think "didn't I buy that?". Probably the funniest was in the time waiting for my parents to get into town, one of my cousins who I'm close to was sitting in my kitchen with me, having a drink and just trying to process everything (like I said, it was very sudden). She looks at me and goes "I wonder if you should try to find and hide any porn your brother has before your Mom looks at any of his stuff?"
  4. Oh, for those that want to get cremated and their ashes spread in such a such place, that may not always be possible. Turns out there is a lot of rules and regulations to that stuff! My brother wanted his ashes spread in Japan (my parents were air force, so that's where he was born) and they've got specific rules against bringing remains/ashes into the country. A Marine friend of his that travels to Japan all the time said he can make it happen on the base there, but it's not like I could go to the top of Mt Fuji and dump his ashes there. Once again, I really don't give a damn at that point anyway. Push me off the back of a boat for all I care. One last (probably long) note about this. When my Grandma (Dad's Mom) died, her biggest fear was that after she was gone nobody would come visit her. I always make it a point to visit her, even though it's an hour away from where I grew up, and now I only get up to Indiana once a year on average. It's something that I do out of habit now, if I'm anywhere close to the area. For those that remember the somewhat infamous pictures of my durban maroon '88 in a graveyard, those were taking on a whim walking back from my Grandma's grave. I just thought the car looked nice and keep a digital camera in the glovebox. While I don't want to make it sound like a burden, as I'd do anything for my Grandma, but after I'm gone I really don't need anyone going out of their way to see where I lay. That's actually the reasoning my parents and brother decided to go with cremation.
  5. It is something you seriously should think about... I had to deal with this last year when my brother passed away suddenly. He was 34 at the time and other than pain issues from a broken hip he got in the Marines, didn't have any other known health issues. He didn't have a will of any sort. In reality he had very few monitory possessions so it wasn't the biggest deal on Earth, but any thing you do at that time is a stressful event and really not something you'd want to see a loved one go thru. I few years ago I had picked up an '02 VW GTI to run as a beater car to keep mileage off my brand new cars. Not too long after, my brother's F150 started giving him problems, so I just gave him the GTI. I then used the F150 as a trade in to get another new car. After he died, the GTI kind of by default went back to me. It's not that it's a beater car by any means, it's just that nobody in my immediate family (or anyone I would want to give a car to) needs a set of wheels... especially being a manual trans. For the first few months I drove it a lot, but now it sits in my garage with a flat tire, dead battery (just from not being ran) and it probably has enough gas in it to get it halfway to the gas station. Now I'm in a position where I'm really torn at what to do about it. I obviously have a lot of sentimental attachment to the car as it was something important I gave my brother and something he really loved and cared for. But, on the other hand, I really have no use for it. I hardly drive my RX8 as it is... that's really a garage queen that only gets brought out when it's a perfect day out. I only put about 2,000 miles on it last year as it is now. They both just chill in the garage while my actual daily driver sits outside. I'd like to reclaim that garage spot but I can't bring myself to sell the car. Kinda long to read, but that's something to think about too, if you're really gonna be serious about it. Gifting some of your crap (no matter what it means to you) to someone may be in theory a great idea, but sometimes there is a bit of a burden or hassle that may come with it. Especially with an item as large as a car. FWIW, we had my brother cremated (that is one wish of his we knew about, something we've all talked about when my parents set up their will). I too want to be cremated. As for what happens to my stuff, I'm of the mentality that I'll be dead, so I really won't give a damn, anyway. It's highly doubtful about me having kids unless whomever I'm with is just deadset on having them. Otherwise, my partner or whatever close relatives can pick any of my stuff that they want... and then they're more than welcome to sell/donate/burn whatever is left. Money from my life insurance policy and my retirement (yeah, like there is anything left in that...) is set up a lot more structured, but follows the same path of partner/parents, and then certain family members.
  6. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a pretty good birthday, nothing too outrageous this year. Besides, it was chilly here in Florida, so when I went outside, I made the decision to turn around and hide for another 6 weeks.
  7. Ok, this isn't going anywhere... I'm tired of having to read it.
  8. John (Indiana) mentioned something to me about it when I was chatting with him the other day. Domain just expired, he'll get around to renewing it.
  9. Welcome! Along with the oil pan heater, do you have a battery warming pad? As far as keeping coolant warm, there isn't anything specific out for our cars, you'd have to pick up one of the generic ones that replace a freeze plug. I've also installed a few of those heaters that "T" into the lower radiator hose with pretty good results. As far as the OVCP (Over the Valve Cover Pipe) There shouldn't be any type of RTV sealant. There is an o-ring on the pipe where it goes into the turbo. That appears to be the a factory replacement sticker (since it was obviously repainted). The font used does look similar to a few others, but it's actually a custom font.
  10. Not to mention how a cardboard box can just really mess up your day...
  11. I will make this short because I have to go to work, (at VOLKSWAGEN). The original R32 was 6spd. The R32 Fanta was refering to was the MkV version, which came DSG only. As for the DSG came in only 3 models... Ummm... before you open your mouth, learn what you're talking about. For the 2010 model year, can be had in the the CC, Passat, Eos, Jetta, Jetta SportWagen, GTi (I should know, I will be driving my GTi with a DSG here in about 15 minutes), etc etc. Actually, I say can be had... the DSG is standard, not optional, but STANDARD in the CC, Passat. I'll add to the DSG comments later as I have to explain this stuff all the time at work, but sheesh, spend five minutes and do some research yourself... if you did, you'd really we off way more models WITH the DSG than without.
  12. The electric motor in power steering systems do not replace a direct linkage to the wheels. The steering rack is still connected directly to the steering wheel. On the rack and pinion, there is an electric motor with another pinion wheel on it that SUPPLIMENTS the mechanical action that you are doing. The issue with the feel is just getting the amount of assist the electric motor is getting. I work for VW... VW has been using e-throttle since about the late 90's, early 2000's. It's really easy for me to count the number of throttle pedals I've had to replace... ZERO. The worst problem we have is idle issues from the throttle body getting carboned up. Every now and then we'll come across one that'll need to be completely replaced, but usually an induction service cleans it right up. The throttle body will lose it's adaptation values if it's too carboned up. Not saying that there has never been a VW that needed a throttle pedal assembly replaced, it's just that it's a pretty uncommon, freak thing. I've currently got a 2010 VW GTI. It's got e-throttle, e-steering, DSG trans (dual clutch automated manual transmission... shifts in 7milliseconds), launch control, stability control, etc... basically all the electronic gismos you can think of... and guess what... it's probably one of the most fun to drive cars I've ever owned. Very engaging, car lets you know exactly what it's doing. The stability control lets you get away with murder, launch control is fun if you wanna act like you're 16, and the mix of handling and comfort is amazing. The hardest issue with all the electronics is getting the mix just right... but when the combo is setup right (like in the new MkVI GTI) the experience is great. Hydro power steering systems have had decades of advancement and get the feel down. It's the same deal with the e-steering.
  13. If the system is holding pressure but not kicking on the compressor it's usually either the temp sensor on top of the thermostat housing (it's a one wire sensor) or it's one of the pressure switches located next to the dryer.
  14. I got to drive a baby lambo here recently. I work for VW, and the Audi dealership is right next door... and considering I started out there, I am over there quite a bit. The guy traded his Lambo in for a V8 Audi R8, so I got to take it for a quick spin when the shop was doing it's used car inspection. It's a really friggin' sweet ride, and I definately wouldn't turn one down, but the R8 is a huge upgrade. The funny thing is the interior is just a mash-up of Audi parts anyway. I have the same steering wheel in my GTI, 'cept mine is leather covered instead of Swede. The lambo V10 is a sweet engine, to say the least. Audi puts that motor in the S6 and S8, along with the R8 (you can get a V8 or a V10 now). The surprising thing is for being an "exotic" engine, the V10 is very docile around town. The S8 is nicer than my condo. lol
  15. Sorry to hear about this, Jimmy. I'll try to give you a buzz tomorrow after work. I've been doing 12hr days pretty much 6 days a week, so I haven't been able to keep in touch as much as usual. Take care, and you know the number if you and your family need anything.
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