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  1. yea i know thats why im just checkin to see if it sparks any interest, and always open to offers....
  2. This is my 87 Palermo Gray Wide body Starion Esi-R, At this time there is no wastegate, turbo is being bypassed, Have another used turbo complete with wastegate and all in good condition to go with car, its a 5 speed, good interior, exterior has some dents/bruises/cracks in bumper, Runs Good, Is Smogged Currently for California and is Registered Until Dec 2010, Pretty complete car, Needs Steering Coupler(has like 6 inches of play in wheel, still turns fine), Needs Front Struts, Drivers Seat Belt Motor, Paint, and Rear wiper doesnt work, front wipers stay on unless you pull out fuse. has small oil leak(looks like from pan gasket) Has Kenwood Cd player with Aux input. and amp and sub. Does Not Overheat. Like all the other Starquests I have owned...... I have run out of money to try and finish my favorite car! So will try and see if anyone shows some interest in it. Headlghts are Stuck up(needs driver side headlight motor), heater core is bypassed, and Cant get A/C compressor to kick on(but is holding charge)....The car Has 118333 miles, Factory Alarm still works, Sorry if this is not written in order but just writing things as i rememember them. Would like to get i guess somewhere around 2500 for it with the stereo but just checkin to see if any interest pops up..otherwise i will try and keep working on in i guess. just hate to let it sit.
  3. JAM

    Steering Coupler

    thanks for your help.
  4. how do you know if the temp sensor is working or not? everything is there and appears ok..thank alot for your help!
  5. If anyone happens to have or know where I could get a Steering Coupler For a '87 Starion Please Let Me Know..Thank You!
  6. Trying to find out how to reconnect the bypassed heater core hoses, and to find out if all A/C hoses are in the right places. A/C system says charged when tested, but no cold air. Checked relays and fuses, but Compressor still does not turn on. Need some help please.
  7. Mark got the cap...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
  8. I am in need of (1) Center Cap for my Starion, Please let me know if you have an extra one. Thanks
  9. Is tinkering with my Starion! Figuring this damn electrical system out!
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