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  1. I thought maybe because it would fit in the recess in the back of the housing but measuring with some calipers leads me to believe the recess isn't deep enough to accommodate the shaft and the circlip I slapped some grease on the cam and it looks like the cam is binding on the back of the case.
  2. Maybe, just maybe, the circlip could be the culprit. It may be stretched a little wider than it should be. Not sure where to get another one to try and be more gingerly when installing https://photos.app.goo.gl/GtqgTVB6o*DMExEN7
  3. I put some grease on the cam and found that is what is hitting the rear casing when it's torqued down to spec. Not sure why that would be ensured cam ring has punch mark towards the pump body and there's very few parts so none are missing. Strange business . Just found a post that said not to assemble it while resting on the pulley. When i try again I'll do that and report back
  4. Ya possibly. Every time i take one of these apart and put back together, it ends up seized. Guess I'll be hunting ebay for another
  5. Classic, seized soon as the bank casing is torqued down 🤷‍♂️ Well at least it's always the same problem after i rebuilt.
  6. Ok thanks kev. I've never had luck rebuilding these. It did look a bit intentional to be damage but i wasn't sure. Thanks
  7. Went to rebuild since AutoZone doesn't have any stock to replace under warranty and seems nobody else has available to buy. But could this be the reason why it was dumping fluid from the shaft while not running? I don't remember from the last time I failed at repairing one. Note the swirled score. https://photos.app.goo.gl/CpaywK3F9srPQELu9
  8. Congrats! Mine is mostly done as well! I've got a slightly longer timeline, but had similar struggles with MPI tuning until I found a shop willing to just do it for me.
  9. Joying makes some decent android auto and carplay compatible units. I have one. Pretty good. Sound quality isn't stellar, but again it's pretty good. Here are the 7" double din models I'm not sure which is the newest or latest since they all say newest or latest. But it doesn't really matter, i think the only difference is the Launcher App. I use a different app for the Launcher anyway https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.autolauncher.motorcar
  10. Initially Revolution told me my kit was ready except waiting on calipers from Wilwood. After some months he said calipers came in but couldn't find my rotors. As of mid december rotors were at machine shop. Last few calls when asking for my kit to be shipped he said he was still waiting on calipers and rotors are at machine shop Most recently when I called and he answered, I challenged the bluff on the calipers and he said maybe he sent my calipers out with someone else's kit by mistake. Now my calls go unanswered and I've filed a dispute with paypal. Definitely not a great company to deal with. I may try to figure out how make use of my VR4 calipers or try my luck w/ these japanese rx7 caliper adapters.
  11. also make sure when you re-cap the polarity of the capacitors is the same, there is a line on the side of the capacitor to indicate
  12. You should have better results. I am using AEM for the ecu, but when I was trying to get running w/ a Magna distributor, I couldn't get the car to fire. I should have gone w/ a trigger wheel setup from the get go, but at the time nobody had a kit (mookeeh, motocam, etc), so I decided to go with an AEM EPM mated to a modified stock distributor shaft. The AEM EPM ended up working out for me, but the trigger wheel setup would have been easier.
  13. Maybe just a note. Everyone is out of stock on pumps. AutoZone, advance auto, rockauto, partsgeek, napa, O'Reilley, etc. My most recent one from AutoZone starting pissing fluid through the shaft seal with the car not running. AutoZone only offered cash back, which doesn't help. I see Mks has a rebuild kit, maybe this rebuild will be a success, but doubtful. Good luck everyone with their pumps.
  14. I found some vacuum line and used one of those exterior vacuum couples in a dorman kit. Not the right thing, but it will work
  15. Anyone know where I can find a coupler to replace the tiny vacuum line that goes to the cruise control vacuum pump? I think it's 2mm but can't find any couplers.
  16. Merry Christmas and happy new year guys
  17. I don't know if this helps, but D2 does recommend no preload on the springs.
  18. i'm considering it, but i don't know if i want to risk driving it that far
  19. I've seen that, but unless I'm mistaken, I never saw enough info to hand to a machinist to replicate them. If I did, I'd cancel my order w/ revolution, as I'm waiting since sept 1 for tracking info and ever time I call there's some different reason why they haven't shipped, but will this week, maybe.
  20. i don't have the skills, time, or money for a swap of any sort. But if it comes out, it's a cool option for people.
  21. Probably won't be economical, but this would be a cool motor swap if they release it https://www.autoblog.com/2022/12/20/blueprint-engines-performance-racing-inndustry-show/
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