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  1. Get in touch w 87questtsi. Forget how exactly his name is written out. He's in Alabama. Pretty sure he's got a couple. Does damned good mod work also.
  2. My wife used to be a home health nurse. One of her patients a couple years back was damn near dead from smoking and had bad emphysema (sp?), well he decides to smoke w his oxygen on and somehow it catches fire and burned the crap out of his face, inside his mouth and lungs. Dude survives and his face looked like Freddy Kruger, got skin falling off and green oozing stuff going on. Would you believe the first time she goes to visit after he comes home from the hospital he has the oxygen on, and is smoking again. That's just plain stupidity. As if God hadn't already said hey dummy here's some emphysema to get you to stop. He didn't get the point, blew his face up and still did it again. Unreal.
  3. Happy bday Jimmy. You've been on my got to call soon list but haven't got a chance. Call you soon. Grant
  4. I heard they were going to need a special casket for the dude if he dies. Something about not being sure all the boner pills will be worn off by the time he dies.
  5. No way. Fish tacos are the bomb. My wife says I'm going to turn into a Mexican cause I eat so much Mexican food. I don't see what the big deal is.
  6. Hey Ken. Haven't heard from you in a good long while. We need to get together soon.
  7. Looks around, curiously. Hears nothing but crickets. Pretty sure there aren't any.
  8. What got them caught anyways? I figure if they were smart enough to hide it in there in the first place, it took someone pretty damned smart to find it.
  9. Silly people. Everyone knows there are no virgins past middle school.
  10. I even had to do this on mine several years ago with a kit that was sold by trilogy turbos.
  11. Sachs makes good stuff. And for an 100%stock clutch. Sachs is the way to go.
  12. I just cleaned house w small engines. Had a cub cadet weed eater that had carb issues, took it apart, cleaned the carb and it ran for maybe 30 mins and would not crank back. Cleaned carb again and still no go. Got like 3 blowers that won't run and I can not make them run for the life of me. Threw about 60-70$ at one of them and it still won't run. Finally got sick of it all and went and bought a echo weedeater w 5 yr warranty and a stihl blower w 4yr warranty. I'm sick and tired of the same ol crap every time I want to use them they won't run.
  13. Yea but the last few years I haven't had a lot of success at rebuilding calipers, wheel cylinders, slave cylinders, etc. I used to rebuild them regularly years back but it seems every time I try it nowadays they leak and I end up w more labor in them and still replace them. Do you have a trusted kit to rebuild the rear calipers. I'm willing to give it a try to cut cost.
  14. I need to replace my rear calipers and am in hopes someone has some new ones laying around that aren't going to get used. Trying to save a little money so not looking to pay what I can buy them from rockauto for.
  15. Pretty sure I've seen this guy somewhere once. He showed up and then never came back. Lol. You gotta make it back Dave.
  16. OK. Someone one knows this guy. We need pics of it.
  17. Where is the build thread on this fwd quest? That thing is badarse. Not really sure I agree with it but hats off for the amount of work it takes to do something like that.
  18. I've been running on ms2 for about 5 yrs. Once I got over the learning g curve that is mpi, I absolutely love it. Car fires right up, idles great and runs like a raped ape. I can't say anything bad about the megasquirt stuff. And definitely etly have not had any reliability issues that were the megasquirts fault.
  19. Condensed from a civic would be great as far as size goes but I don't think you have the capacity needed for an sq. We have a lot more area than it looks like and you need a healthy condensor to help pull that heat out. I would recommend something bigger than a quest and see if you can find the right outside dimensions. First thing that comes to mind is a jeep Cherokee. They were long and skinny and cooled off larger Interior space than we have.
  20. Well folks, its official. I will not be able to make it this year. We just bought a house and got a fair amount of remodeling to be done plus just lots of stuff that needs my attention. I've got some friends lined up to come and help being its the weekend of the 4th and basically its, the party is at my house in exchange for all the help. Great for getting things done, but sucks for me getting to p.f. Y'all have fun and be sure to take lots of pictures for me. I will see y'all next year.
  21. That's most likely FROs house. He's got a collection.
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