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  1. good wife!!! hope u guys bring her back and enjoy!
  2. same idea, with venting... http://i1199.photobucket.com/albums/aa475/Taeisallin/Mobile%20Uploads/1445003227_zpsgdmonsgt.jpg
  3. all you need is 1 person willing to pay the right price.
  4. we have to start breaking the thought that xx amount is too steep, we want our cars to start selling at above what forum members would like to steal it for... we are the ones to keep the values down on these cars. i hope he gets every penny of that $8500
  5. happy birthday wishes from ny!! have a good one!
  6. that would be too much to ask... thank you for your reply tho... was looking to see if i could find someone local, maybe 10-15 miles away.
  7. Screening eagle, have him deliver it! I was gonna ask him if would deliver something from Florida to ny. I'll even let u keep it in my yard... Mr MainstreaM, I m looking to move a rolling chassis from lake Mary Florida to ny, maybe make a deal with one of the ny peeps and bring them all down here?
  8. hey guys, was looking at a rolling chasis in apopka florida, just wondering if there was anyone local who could go take a look at it for me? willing to pay for your time. and maybe make a deal for me if everything worked out. its a d50 with custom work done, need to veryfy that all work stated is done and condition of the vehicle. let me know if anyone in the area is willing to help. thanks tae
  9. you can always give it a shot. i think "classic car" can be put to anything 25yo. but they do have a minimum for coverage. i think it was like 8 or 9k
  10. you dont need an appraisal or reciepts. i have mine insured as modded car. they have a questionare, and you just have to list all the mods that were done to it. at first they didnt want to do it, but tell them your motor is fully built and running around 400+ hp with all the supporting mods. maybe easier to do as classic for alot of the members who dont have a fully built car...
  11. Trying to keep it cool:) http://i1199.photobucket.com/albums/aa475/Taeisallin/Mobile%20Uploads/1444357863_zpsrda8cabs.jpg
  12. i ve been with hagerty for about 5 years now. my mpi car insured for 15k, just under 500/year with full coverage. they match your reg policy, so cant lose
  13. nice man!! i saw the owner of that car put it up on Facebook. they were congratulating him on the sale, i said congratulations to the buyer!! looks pretty sharp. i even like the headlight treatment. looks to be plastic dipped?
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