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  1. I have used some summit stuff with good luck in the past. I try to use Fragola when I have a choice.
  2. Is there a parts list out there for what is needed to use AN lines for the oil cooler? In like 1999 when I had my first conquest I had started to gather parts to make them AN lines but the car got smoked before I finished and I used the line on another project.
  3. The subaru motor and 7 blade fan couldn't have been any easier. I had a spare fan so I was able to put it all together on the bench and then swap out the one on the car. I didn't drive it yet but I don't see how it couldn't make things at least a little bit better. My condenser fan apparently died sometime in the last week. It was working the other day when I was messing with the AC and now it isn't. Its getting power but not working. I have one from my parts car that I assume is good.
  4. I am swapping the primary fan with the Subaru fan motor and the 7 blade fan. If I get time I am also going to look into upgrading the power wire to the ignition. Both those projects are because I finally got my AC working well and the volt gauge and borderline cooling system struggles are very real now. I am also pulling the engine out of my Barracuda to swap cams and get it ready for Hot Rod Drag Week in September. I didn't think this project would happen due to the parts shortages out there but after months of back orders I believe I have all the parts. This would normally have been a winter project but I made the smart decision of getting back into the conquest game and that took %100 of my winter car energy lol. Now that it is 100* on the weekends is a great time to start taking a car apart that is 100% fine. This place has been slower than normal even so I wanted to start something.
  5. AC computer output was dead, i swapped it with the unit from the parts car and it works. Uncovered another issue of the compressor relay being weak. I wasn't with the parts car so I had no spare relays. I setup a temporary 5 pin relay triggered off of the clutch power wire just to get it going and its working great. A test drive reveals I need to upgrade the alternator and chase some other demons down because it charges with the lights and everything on but its not near where it should be. I really needed to get it working this weekend so I am glad I did. I have Jury duty next week and the conquest will be a much nicer car to navigate parking garages with, way better than my crew cab dually lol. Plus I just enjoy driving it.
  6. Any ideas? I already cut Caliber308 off at the pass because I already looked in the manual haha. I will go wrangle the control unit from my parts car sometime this week and try it out.
  7. I got my AC working today, but I have to force the compressor to run for it to do so. It is not getting power from the green-yellow wire. According to the FSM it looks like this comes right from the control unit. Is there anything else to check before I change the control unit? Control unit works fine otherwise.
  8. I don't know what your MS setup is but they usually have several small ground wires, you can bundle them all together to a point and run a single larger wire to your battery. I run one of these for my grounds https://www.amazon.com/Fastronix-Black-Single-Ground-Junction/dp/B015EJR20C/ref=asc_df_B015EJR20C/?tag=&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312681740304&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10637167458811486275&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9026561&hvtargid=pla-570056196959&ref=&adgrpid=61040318086&th=1 That way it is insulated from your cars body, and you can easily run a clean ground to the battery. Go ahead and ground your 02 sensor controller to the same ground as your MS.
  9. Ok so your battery is relocated, make sure it is grounded well to the body in the back, make sure there is no paint or anything on the connection. Now go double check to make sure the engine has a good ground, the factory ground wire goes directly to the engine block and then to the chassis if I remember right so if it has been removed that is an opportunity for someone to have missed a proper engine ground.
  10. I don't run a megasquirt on my conquest but my Barracuda has an MS3X system and Microsquirt on it. How is your ground setup? Do not ground the ECU to the engine even if the instructions tell you to do so. If it is grounded to the engine move its ground to the battery. Grounding to the engine for the MS caused me some strange issues that were resolved by grounding it directly to the battery. Next, your battery voltage sucks if that is correct. A fully charged battery should read 12.7 at rest, even higher if it is fresh off the charger. Your battery at 12.0 and dropping to 7.1 during cranking is not good for electronics at all and will exaggerate any wiring issues you may have. Use some jumper cables to connect it to another car(not running) or swap another known good battery in. That is my .02. Like I said I do not have a mega squirt on my conquest but I have 7 years and thousands of miles on the MS3 system in my Barracuda. I will eventually get a system from Scott or build my own. The megasquirt stuff is awesome and an extreme value compared to other systems.
  11. Great write up, this is on my list to do soon.
  12. I have about 1300 miles on this thing now and most all is well. I have come across a few issues I thought someone might be able to point me in the right direction on. High Beams, they work as normal with the headlights. They do not light up the indicator in the dash, that has been checked, bulb changed, and I used a power probe to light it up from where the plug goes in the dash so I am confident that problem is not in the dash cluster. When you "flash to pass" with the headlights off the lights come on, but they do not raise the headlights as they should. Any ideas if those issues are related? All other functions are good, the fog lights and high beams also work like they should with the high beams cancelling the fogs. Rear Defroster, everything at the hatch is good, the third brake light and rear wiper function as they should. The defroster switch does not light up when pressed, all fuses and fuse links are good. Also the light that illuminates the defroster switch(when the headlights are on) doesn't work either. The bulb has been checked and it is good. Also, how do you remove that defroster and dimmer switch? I was able to check the bulb while I had the cluster out but didn't see how to remove those items. The cruise control also doesn't work, but I assume that is not related to these issues and I have not tested anything beyond the vacuum pump and relay.
  13. Strange that link doesn't work but it looks right, made it easy to find either way. Thanks those look perfect.
  14. The lug nuts in my car are in rough rough shape. Is there a good aftermarket that matches the stock style lug nuts? Thanks
  15. Does it have an aftermarket alternator or something? Has the wiring changed for any of that?
  16. I gotta keep the sliders, my wife is 5'1 and she doesn't care to drive it but if she had to move it or something she wouldn't even be able to reach the pedals where I drive it! I will do the gangsta lean for the first trip or two if I can, I would hate to do these changes then decide I didn't care to autocross. I thought about using like an aluminum kirkey seat, it would be easy enough to swap one of those into a fixed position for a weekend and remove for normal usage and those seats are so thin it would by some room. What I would really like to do is some laps at the local track (Hallet Motor Racing Circuit) but the car still has a ways to go before I can beat its brains in on something like that. I figured Autocross was a good way to warm me and the car up for that. I am a drag racer at heart but I am trying to open my options now that I added a car that is semi capable of turning at speed lol.
  17. Where did you get idler arm bushings? I got some duralast ones and my alignment guy didn't like them so he didn't install them.
  18. Has anyone ever been able to lower the seat? I have yet to go pull it out and see what it takes but I am guessing its probably a no go? Once I finish a couple of things on this car I want to give autocross a try with some friends. I am 6'3 240lbs and it occurred to me I may not have any helmet clearance. I have a nice carbon fiber helmet from my drag car but I might need a thinner brain bucket to be able to fit in my Conquest lol. On another note we had a mobile detail guy come to work yesterday so I drove the conquest in. He was able to polish the super heavy water spotting off of the car and wow it looks way better. Its not as nice as the picture makes it look but its not bad for a car to jack around with. The dollar to fun ratio has been pretty good. https://imgur.com/JpBctdm
  19. Great tools! Looks like it is coming along nicely. Did you have the crank balanced as well?
  20. So ever since the ISC swap it never has done the cut out problem. I have about 1100 miles on it now since I got it running at the first of the year. If I didn't have a company truck it would be my daily driver.
  21. After I had the column out of my car for a new coupler I had turn signal problems. Mine just flashed super fast, but the hazards worked just fine. I replaced the flasher with a heavier duty unit(EL12 maybe?) and it took care of the problem. It was odd how it didn't happen until after I had removed the column but fixed it. If you have eyes on your fingertips the flashers would be pretty easy to change!
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