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  1. NOT A LOT OF NON IN LINE 4 CYLS Subie'S vw's and Roterys
  2. a huge Whooo rraaaa TO ALL my brothers in uniform THANK YOU for being who you are
  3. I want to thank you for posting this link,, it tells more then most will understand , tons of very useful info there and explains why for years I tried to get guys to go to 3/8" fuel line over the 7.5 mm we have now , I know it is called 8mm but metric is not an exact size when compaired to say 5/16" , every fitting fuel travels thru needs to be as large as possible right up to the pressure reg
  4. Tim I have posted in this thread 3 times but each time my posts go away i'l try once more ,, I want to say thank you for all the time , work I know you spent 100 of hours getting the cam thing togather and for little return ,, that shows the type of man you are and I'm very proud to call you FRIEND , as for what happened I had the same thing happen to me , with the turbo intake hard pipes,, all I heard for years was some one please make some,, and as soon as I make some seems every one jumped into the mix one more thing please do not leave this site over this ,,your a super friend and a much respected member and we need people like you here
  5. what is the reason the red 87 is dead
  6. not sure what you mean dash lamps dimmer control is a complicated ground control
  7. learned some ,,briggs and Stratton ohv engines , must have correct valve lash , the exh cam lobe has a compression release bump on it ,, because they never upgraded the starters for the higher comp engine design ,, if your motor turns over like the batt is weak try adjusting the valve lash
  8. if it is leaking ,, REPLACE IT ,standard auto parts part bottom of sender has place for wrench be sure to get sender for gauge not swt
  9. this site has been screwing with my posts for years , very anorying
  10. to clear up some thing , home 02 is not the same as pure 02 like you'd get in hospital . it's a compactor , basically an air compressor not as dangerous as the real thing
  11. hum I have tried to start fires with the 02 hose at 2 liters and couldn't , sort of depends on how much air flow you got blowing , any way I'm off the hose now , and we all do stupid things
  12. man I was ggona give you a call but dozed off , H-Bday dude
  13. BC you've been around long enough to know you should havebbeen making plans years ago we look out for our boss and he'll cut your throut in a heat beat , sad nut true
  14. I wish , hard thing to do , you do know I just spent almost 2 yrs smoke free no kidding I cut way back a pack lasts me 3-4 days thanks guys
  15. man I'm pumped just did my 2'd day on my own , been over a month sence I was able to do that,, hopefully my lungs are clearing up again having that hose in your nose 24/7 gets old , didn't stop me from being out side tho put a bunch of hoses to gather and out side I went :)
  16. he he want to feel better try NuVIGIL 150 mg per day , ma d ead guy get a boner and a smile
  17. on of the people on the Mayflowers was a Bingham on my mothers side
  18. depends on how old you are now target audience is early preteen to middle teen
  19. you all know he don't give out any numbers these days hoping he can still pass for 30 he he fail
  20. sLY GREAT TO SEE ON HERE , AS FOR randy I wished him H-day over the phn
  21. you do know lb for lb the flattys should be slightly faster in the cHARGER AND rr THERE WAS A 75 LB DIFF IN THE RR's FAVOR AND IT DID SHOW UP IN TRACK TIMES
  22. those letters and numbers are the key cut code, best to have a new key made and store the oreg
  23. no one in the auto repair business had any thing nice to say about a Conquest ether who could expect any thing nice for a fwd car with an engine facing towards the rear of the car and no oil pan
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