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  1. Still not sure why you dont eliminate the lower bracket, mount the rotation link lower on the frame rail, this brings it inboard more, solves the bending arm problem...done..? honeslty man, even if the bar was solid, any bend in a tube drastically weakens it.
  2. Thanks man. I will be going to SEMA, hopefully win my invite to the big show at the race next month. I'm def planning on being at the quest meet that Scotty is organizing. You?
  3. https://instagram.com/p/7RG9kQqGku/ added a muffler to muffle.
  4. Yes very cool to be a part of the next season. Wish I didn't have so much trouble with the new setup at this event. It does stuck about the wing, but I have something on the works that will help. Plus I still run the wing for global time attack and all other events. Glad people are tuning in! I'm doing my best to raise the value of these things!
  5. why do you think my car is so fast? haha
  6. Damn that's a lot off work to put a weaker rear end in the car, let a lone how the geometry will effect the chassis. Looking good though. I love seeing people cut up these cars to make something more fun.
  7. Love the flat bottom, its a shame they didn't make more room for exhaust under there, like side exit. Going under the rear x member makes it super low.
  8. Stupidest thing I've seen in while.
  9. I'm not going to make it. Dont feel like waiting 6 days in line at 3am to see a bunch of evo dudes go hard on each other all day. However, if you guys want to do a mountain run, let me know. I'm down.
  10. Nice man. I ride too. Well..used to be a lot better when I was a kid. I got an S&M dirt bike and Sunday Scout. Starting to get back into it again.
  11. Just do it. racecar. my car hit 123~ decibels a few races ago when they were testing. Thats whats up.
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