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DG-5 Coilovers from Japan

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I usually am on the Japanese websites like Mercari and Yahoo Auctions, but I am never really looking for new stuff so I filtered all of it out. Today I didn't and I found that DG-5 actually MAKES coilovers for our cars. For those that don't know, DG-5 is a suspension company that used to be Kei Office (or Erfolgkei), the legendary race car driver Keiichi Tsuchiya's brand. I've looked into them and they seem to be a really high quality street/track coilover.

Unfortunately as how things are, these high quality coilovers are expensive (around $2200 given the exchange rate from Yen to USD) and would cost even more to ship. I doubt anyone will actually buy these over D2 or K Sport given the price to get these, but I'm just putting it out there that there's a higher quality coilover for our cars than what we all thought previously.

For anyone interested, here's a link to DG-5's website where you can see them:

And here's where you can view listings for them on Yahoo Auctions Japan:

You'd need an independant proxy other than Buyee to ship these however, as Buyee will not ship anything filled with fluid.

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