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The start of my ford 5.0 T5 swap and restoration


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  • 2 weeks later...

I ended up ordering a small truck load of stereo equipment. Updating the mustang and truck systems and the quest needed something. The 5.0 is the true music so this is all that's going in the Quest. 


 I wanted keyless entry with a nice remote, apple car play, backup camera. Must say this is so far the sadist sounding system I have heard in a while. Hope sealing them off and adding door panels helps, I never add rear staging but this thing might need it. 

i-n4Pdj38-338x450.jpg  i-DJmCc7T-338x450.jpg 

i-g8J4pGT-338x450.jpg i-zHJPh5g-338x450.jpg i-SrDLQSk-338x450.jpg

I'm prepping for paint but took it for one more drive, a bit cold and the heat wasn't helping. This might be the last update for a while. I think the next time you see this turd it will be done.



Still need to clean out my dads barn and build a paint booth. These cars have way to many parts to paint. Unfortunately my truck died and its pretty major, might be pulling the engine. This puts me in a jam since I need the truck to clean out the barn and take all my stuff over. 

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