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Starion RUST FREE with 1jz r154


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There is a link to my for sale ad. I'm giving up on my teenage dream car. Just the drivetrain, gauges and seats are worth what I'm asking. Let alone everything else. If your planning a swap save yourself alot of money everything is there. If you want to finish it, it wont take much at all!




Up for sale or trade is a Mitsubishi station with a late model 1jz and the very rare tripod type shifter r154 5 speed trans swapped in it.


* The late model 1jz and r154 in this car is worth about 3k alone. Those transmissions bring alot of money. It is not the standard mk3 supra r154.*


I'm asking 4200 for the car and just the engine and trans is worth 3k. Let alone all the other high dollar parts. Stainless braided lines for power steering, fuel lines etc add up really quickly!!!


Very important is the car has ZERO rust. These cars are notorious for rotting badly and this car was saved, por15 and thorough restoration was done before. Then someone backed into the nose and that's why the front end is not pretty. It is straight and rust free just needs front repainted.


Quick list of parts

- 4 core supra aluminum rad with two - 12 inch fans with custom aluminum shroud

- Big front mount intercooler with tial blow off valve on the cold side

- Beautiful corbeau seats

- Brand new tires all the way around

- over 700$ worth of custom gauges from speedhut installed in the stock dash looks amazing. With GPS based Speedo to solve the issue of getting the Speedo to work with Toyota trans.

- Wahlbro 255 pump


Lots of money and time into this car.


Needs to be finished. I have easily triple what I'm asking into the car let alone the countless hours of getting it this far.



Things it needs

Find a short in the electrical.


Drive and drift the hell out of it.



It kills me to not see this through but I have 20 other projects and can't get to this one.


I'll accept trades, supermotos, sportbikes, NICE Harleys, NICE motocross bikes 250 and up.

Trucks, interesting cars whatever ill at least consider it if the value and appeal is there.



The Starion DOES start and run and move but needs to be buttoned up still.




1jz 2jz 1jzgte 2jzgte turbo supra jdm race car mustang rx7 swap swapped lsx lq4 ls1 ls2 ls3 ls v8 sr20 rb sr rb25 rb26 rhd rwd awd



(215) 869-5092

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looks like a good deal, too bad you can't see it through, so close! I'm soo tempted right now... but to whoever buys this, you won't regret it, been driving mine daily for a few years now and its been a blast, even with the stock twins. I'll have to do some digging, but I may have a downpipe for the stock twins from before I went single.
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This is that r154 that goes for big money. Not sure why. Longer tail housing, fits better in certain cars. Some cars they need to spend money on custom tail shafts to get the shifter right place. Could be partly that. Rarity.


Besides that not sure but I do know this is one of them!

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