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Newbie reporting in


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Hello all I'm originally from Buffalo, New York and a 10yr Army Mechanic Vet currently in Junction City KS. I purchased a 1986 Mexican Red Dodge Conquest TSi that is completely original never modded with 98k miles. I have always been a fan of the Conquest/Starion from a friend of mine back home and Now have one of mine own :D. I appreciate the Acceptance of the forum and looking forward to socializing and Sometime Meet up.
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just make sure it is running great before you do any mods to the car.




86 service manual



only the 88 parts locator is available on that site. but should be some help.



also the infamous SOS manuals





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Welcome aboard! Good to have another Vet in our ranks.

Lots to learn about these cars and this is the place to find it.

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Just read this. Looks like I've infected another innocent bystander with the SQ virus! You're welcome Jason, lol. Glad you finally got one (actually two now) for yourself! I had fun getting involved in the purchase of your first one, picking it up in Ohio, working on it all weekend, and making sure it was reliable for the drive home from New York to Kansas. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Soon, I wanna hop in my car and drive out there to visit.



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