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  1. That’s the one you can replace with a 99-02 Subaru Forester motor and prop with more blades. Did it on both my cars. Not sure if that write up pre-dated the backup for the site or not.
  2. I run these Kenwood Double-DIN in both mine. They have CD, BT, USB, and Aux, plus the lighting options to match the red/orange like rest of our gauges
  3. Cool, then i can away with this...."Anyone got a mint 83 hood for cheap?"
  4. Now would be a good time to purge your pm's for conversations not needed anymore. Heck, you may even run across one you've deleted previously that you wish you would have saved!
  5. It's just a drain that connects to a nipple on the top of the frame rail
  6. Looks like i'm a newb for the 2nd time, with the reset back to the 2015 last update.
  7. gotcha, that is very annoying or embarrassing depending if it's you or someone else
  8. Sounds like you've gone through everything really well. I would just try the true electronic flasher, it's only $13
  9. Yep got it. Need anything else on these seats?Pm me
  10. I have front black leather seats from an 87 I can't seem to even give away, so I may as well part them out haha. I'll see if I have that piece intact later today
  11. I should have clarified myself in my response to Importwarrior's question that I was referring to the CFL12---- https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/led-vehicle-replacement-bulbs/cf12anl-01-led-bulb-electronic-flasher/781/835/
  12. The product description says it works with or without LED bulbs and no minimum load.
  13. Sorry bro. Hate to hear and see that. Looks like they use that as a street drag area with those tire marks.
  14. I like mine all the way down. Just threw a tack weld on it, done.
  15. Have a good one sir. Keep the great parts and stellar service coming!
  16. Pipe with couplers are counted for-pending payment
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