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Techboy's 88 Starion SHP Save ....


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With the badge relocation complete, it's time to get the grill installed on the front of the car.  You can see the grill with the badge now installed sitting on the garage floor.


These grills are pretty easy to install.  Theirs a couple of screws on each end and some clip-in tabs.



Super stoked with how this came out.  IMO they should have done this from the factory!

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It's almost time to back this car out of the garage for the very first time (complete, that is) and reveal it to the world.  There's just one last little detail to install - that's the rear trunk badge.  With the badge from the rear trunk deck now installed on the front of the car I wanted to come up with something for the back.  I've always loved the very 80's boxy CONQUEST letters across the back of the TSi's, so I thought it might be fun to pay homage to  that design on the Starion.  I had a graphic art shop near me make a STARION ESi-R decal for the trunk deck.



I always get a little nervous installing something like this because you only get one shot to get it right - and if you screw up all that $$ is down the drain.  🥲

I used a tape measure and some painters tape to mark everything out and center it and then installed.



Love it.

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After what has felt 6 very long years, I'm finally ready to unveil this car, and just in time for my own car show this weekend.  This project was supposed to just be a simple pull the motor from my Conquest and drop it in the Starion and then have the car repainted in the original white ... but then the tree crushed it and it turned into a much much larger undertaking.  But I couldn't be happier with the results and everything I've learned along the way and all the help from many individuals in this community who came through with parts and/or advice and help.

A few weeks back, curiosity got the better of me and I had to know whether or not everything was solid, and I actually took the car for a mini-test drive in my neighborhood.  My wife recorded a video of that:



Because I had taken this car for a little neighborhood test spin already, and the fact that I pulled this motor from my Conquest, which I was actively driving at the time, I was pretty confident that I could take the car out on the road - so I drove to the gas station and filled her up.  Not the most glorious first drive, but it worked and the gas station was only right around the corner.



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So the car made it to the show.  It's always a busy day for me, so I didn't get to hang out much by the car, but it was a great reception.  I had a good friend there who is somewhat of a photographer and took some of the first decent photos of the car.










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