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Happy Birthday "LEPORE"

Today, 07:41 AM

Hope your day is great Dude.


Happy Birthday "serpentkilla"

19 April 2014 - 11:26 PM

Have an awesome day Dude... and Happy Easter!!!


Happy Birthday "Skullzaflare" and "Freebird"

09 April 2014 - 06:23 AM

Have a Happy Birthday Fellas, CHEERS!


Natallica's 1988 Chrysler Conquest TSi For Sale, rebuilt.

06 April 2014 - 08:02 PM

Hey guys, I'm not getting out of the game... just trying to downsize!

  I brought her back from certain death a couple of years ago, but it's time to pass her on to another enthusiast (now that the hard part is over :) )
I just completed an 89 SHP and my 89 Fiji build is next and I can't keep 3 cars so I have to let one go.
This was my daily driver as soon as I got her road worthy. I let the inspection run out while installing the brand new head, so it's currently not PA inspected, but should pass with no issues at all if bought an titled in PA. (Clean PA Title as well)

You will find there has been a butt-load done to this car. I'll do my best to explain what all has been done, but I'm sure I'll miss something, so here it goes:

She's a 1988 Chrysler Conquest TSi (non-SHP)
  • Rio/Mexican Red (123K on body, no sunroof))
  • Completely rebuilt G54B (bored .20, cooked, magnafluxed, line bored, decked, ) Balance shafts eliminated, Clevite bearings and used all Fel-Pro gaskets (approx. 25K on rebuild)
  • All new timing components from DAD's site
  • Motor and all accessories (timing cover/water pump/pulleys etc.) have been painted and/or powder coated
  • Newer Automatic Transmission L4N71B from '89 (clean, with OD ...works great, recently replaced filter, fluids, inhibitor switch, linkage)
  • Brand New HKS LET-M01 Cat-Back Exhaust System
  • Brand new M28 NJ Head (approx 20 miles on it) , new seals, springs, stock valves and all hydraulic lifters ( sorry guys, the Mitsu logo VC will not come with purchase, black texture finish one will be installed in place of this one)
  • New 650CC/950CC Injectors from Brian Lower Shores Performance (a cleaned set of 'stockers' from Witchhunter Performance will also be included)
  • NGK Plugs (yes, the correct plugs) and NGK Plug Wires
  • MK1 Chrome intake piping, and (I think.. a KD? OVCP) powder coated black mist with TSi decal
  • Very new R1 Concepts Drilled/Slotted rotors and new hawk pads (all 4 corners)
  • Blue 3SX Braided Stainless Steel Teflon Coated Brake lines (all 4 corners)
  • Newer Tokico Blues all around (approx 10,000k on them)
  • Polished rims (clear stripped/sanded and polished)
  • Completely rebuilt stock 12ATurbo
  • Heater Core has been replaced.
  • Stock 89 seats, typical wear could use re-upholstering and/or seatcovers
  • Mookeeh Blue Indiglo gauges
  • Natallica's own HVAC overlay (with blue LEDs)
  • Natallica's own Blue headlight inserts
  • New Natallica's Outer Body Decals (black and black reflective)
  • End links and sway bar bushings replaced
  • Newer Dunlop Direzza 50/55 Series Tires (possibly more than half tread left)
  • Newer uncracked/non-leaking taillights, very clean!
  • Clear fog lenses with new bulbs
  • Newer windshield installed (used, original was cracked)
  • Sony Digital Media player Bluetooth head unit with 4 all new Sony Xplod speakers (no CD, plays mp3 players in TuneTray (steering controls will work with addition of PAC-SWI box
  • Brand New Power Antenna unit installed, functions perfectly as it should
  • And last but not least, door panels were upgraded with 'completely refurbished' 89 Auto-Down window switch and passenger side window switch.
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  I cared to much for the work I put into this car, it has never been sideways and I never drove it like crazy. I just enjoyed the normal 'snappy' driving and the looks and questions I would get. I loved this car too much to dog on it, so no worries there. AC was non functioning when I purchased the car mpst of it is still there but I never had it gone over and charged. ABS unit still works. This car was supposed to be painted Blue, hence the under hood already being finished. Not the greatest job in the world but it looks a lot cleaner than it did, I just never got around to getting her painted. Other projects took precedence and this was 'function over form'. To be honest she could use a coat of paint but a little Meguiar's body scrub still goes a long way with her, just hasn't been done for a while, she's starting to show her pink.

  I have most all of my receipts for this build for the buyer and I hope there is enough information here for you, if you can think of any questions, feel free to send me a PM and I'll be glad to assist! Buyer would set up any kind of shipping or transporting of vehicle via truck or trailer, however the car runs fine but due to the fact it's not inspected it's not legally allowed on the highway so unless you're local and willing to take the chance of getting busted, it may be wise to rent a transport to get from A to B (however I'm sure for test drives we could shoot up and down my road, should be a problem)

I'm asking $3800 OBO for her. Like most cases, I have almost double this in it, but I know I'll never get that back, and that's cool. Due to this private sale I'm offering her up AS-IS, no warranties are implied. I'm sure it's common knowledge around here, that this is normally the case but I just want to throw it out there. If interested please PM with your information and hopefully we can work something out!

Thanks for looking fellas! Hope you dig her as much as I have, but gotta move on to the next one

Head Porting/Polishing and SS Valve Upgrade?

03 April 2014 - 12:34 PM

I'm assuming since it would be a 'mod' to a stock head, this post belongs in this thread topic.

I'm almost ready to plan how I'd like the head built for my Fiji and I'd like to get a few opinions.

If I intend on running a stock block with BSEK and a 16G in my auto Quest, what sort of upgrades could I have taken care of at the time the head is put together to make things as "snappy" as I can with minimal mods to the stock ignition/fuel/air delivery systems?

Would a new non-jet M28 head with SS Valves, Schneider Springs, and possible a slightly upgraded cam be worth porting and polishing, or am I not going to notice much of a difference in performance without other supporting mods.

I'd just like to know, if I'm doing the head, I wanna do it right the first time, but not waste money if it's not necessary for my goal of having a "mostly stock, but a tad more kick" DD.

Thanks in advance guys!