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Conquest or Starion?

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View Postmikec, on 04 August 2019 - 05:38 AM, said:

The front "pusher" fan is used by two things on StarQuests:
1: the air conditioner system.
2: the engine cooling system.

The way it's wired, if the radiator thermosensor for the secondary fan (the one that kicks ON at higher engine coolant temps) triggers the secondary fan the pusher fan will run as well.  So that's an easy way to test half of the wiring and the fan motor itself:  With the engine OFF and cold, crawl under the car and look for the two thermosensors in the bottom of the radiator.  One will be under the smaller of the two engine-side fans; that's the secondary.  Unplug the wire going to that thermosensor and run a jumper wire from the wire itself (not the thermosensor) to a ground point.  Now turn the ignition key to the ON position.  Both the secondary fan and the front pusher fan should be running.  If the front pusher is turning but doesn't look to be going all that fast it's dead... you're seeing it "windmill" in the airflow created by the secondary fan.

The A/C computer has a separate relay to trigger the pusher fan... but the A/C doesn't always use the pusher fan whenever the air conditioning is running.  On really hot days, which makes the refrigerant pressures increase, a high-pressure switch near the receiver/dryer may trip.  That signals the pusher fan to kick in - to help lower the refrigerant temps and keep the pressures from getting even higher... so they don't trip the over-pressure side of the "dual pressure switch."  If the air conditioner is running but the refrigerant temps aren't super-high (which indicates either low refrigerant levels or that the ambient air temperatures aren't desert hot), the pusher fan stays OFF.  For folks that converted to R134a, changing the wiring to make the pusher run whenever the air conditioning compressor is ON is a worthwhile job: R134a needs a larger condenser (front radiator) compared to the old R12 that StarQuests were designed to use.  Without changing the condenser, R134a conversions can't run at full capability... but making the pusher fan help all the time increases the effectiveness of the stock condenser partly compensating for it being too small.  I posted the simple tweak to the relay wiring years ago to make the pusher run whenever the a/c triggers the other fans... a SEARCH should find it.

mike c.
mike c, I’ve searched through all the ac threads you’ve chimed in on and cannot find the relay wiring mod for the pusher fan to come on always when the ac is on, or when the secondary fan kicks on. Please refresh me how to do this

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08 August 2019 - 02:58 PM

Nice, thanks for the update

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Yeah, but you’ll find that shortly after placing an order you’ll get a refund. Most parts are Nola, but have to try and order to really find out. Stupid