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  1. Running a PLX Wideband with the sensor in the factory location, and a simulated narrowband signal from the controller to the ECU. Need to do something similar with mine once I take my car to the exhaust shop and have them fix the Mookeeh Catback Exhaust fitment.
  2. This is the one I was using with my aftermarket downpipe. Bosch 12053 One wire, unheated sensor with connector and screw in threads. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007XB8UHE/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_XXF8WA711CXNS32ZW8DH
  3. Clark, I bought a Bosch replacement O2 Sensor for my car awhile back. Threads in like a normal 02 Sensor with a factory plug. I'll see if I can get a part number for you.
  4. Amayama.com shows the Fuel Pickup Tube Gasket available for order from a overseas dealership. I ordered one and a Fuel Pickup Filter for my car earlier this year. Shipping is a killer, but I did get my parts.
  5. I'd kill for a set of Quick Jack's right now. I'm old, with a angled driveway. The jackstands and floor jacks work, but I really don't like using them. Something like a Quick Jack that picks up on the pinch weld or factory jack points seems like a better idea than, "Well I hope this spot is strong enough to use with the jackstand."
  6. Was wondering why I couldn't seem to reply to a topic the other day. Didn't know I needed to be bumped up out of rookie status.
  7. BluFalcon16G

    88 Durban Quest

    My 88 Durban Maroon Conquest 5 Speed
  8. Welcome. Moved from DFW a little over 5 years ago and always wanted a StarQuest for myself. Was really into DSMs at the time. Now I'm up here in Kansas and have more Conquests than I know what to do with them.
  9. Got three front wheels from a Widebody 86-89. Wheels are 16x7, 5x114.3 with a +18 offset and around a 67mm centerbore. 2 wheels are straight, but dirty. One has a small spot with some corrosion. Good candidates for refinishing. The other wheel is dirty as well, but has some very slight lip bends. No centercaps unfortunately. Can provide pics on request. Tires are TRASHED. Going to have them removed. Asking $125 for all three. Located in Haysville, KS just south of Wichita. Prefer pickup only, but will ship at Buyer's Expense once I get the tires removed.
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