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  1. Awesome. That's what I wanted to know. Thanks!
  2. Got a 88 Conquest with blown shocks, front and rear on stock springs. Ordered a set of the Mk1 Front and Rear struts for my car and was wondering if there would be any issues with using my stock springs with them. Someone local mentioned that they they were designed specifically for lowered cars with lowering springs. Just wanted to know if that was the actual case and if they'd work with stock springs instead.
  3. Was told there are only about 44 StarQuest windshields left in the U.S. after I ordered one through vintageglass.com in Florida. Hopefully I actually get my glass.😏
  4. Just in case you aren't on Book Face. https://www.facebook.com/114124830280/posts/10159621852180281/
  5. Got three uncracked Exhaust Manifolds available from the ones pictured. One unfortunately appears to have been repaired previously.
  6. I was thinking spacers would be the way to go. Now, I just need to actually go through with this.😏
  7. Got a 89 Roller in my backyard that's kind of rough. It's fairly complete and I'd hate to strip it down for parts. Was thinking of doing a "rally" build out of it. How would one go about adding additional lift to the car? Spacers on top of the strut tops? Can coilovers be extended to provide additional lift? Any mods needed for the control arms? Just a idea I was throwing around.
  8. Got a few uncracked stock Exhaust Manifolds up for sale. Asking $100 each, shipped in CONUS. Parts located in Wichita area for local pickup.
  9. Running a PLX Wideband with the sensor in the factory location, and a simulated narrowband signal from the controller to the ECU. Need to do something similar with mine once I take my car to the exhaust shop and have them fix the Mookeeh Catback Exhaust fitment.
  10. This is the one I was using with my aftermarket downpipe. Bosch 12053 One wire, unheated sensor with connector and screw in threads. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007XB8UHE/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_XXF8WA711CXNS32ZW8DH
  11. Clark, I bought a Bosch replacement O2 Sensor for my car awhile back. Threads in like a normal 02 Sensor with a factory plug. I'll see if I can get a part number for you.
  12. Amayama.com shows the Fuel Pickup Tube Gasket available for order from a overseas dealership. I ordered one and a Fuel Pickup Filter for my car earlier this year. Shipping is a killer, but I did get my parts.
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