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  1. I picked up some Weds RS5 Super Sport wheels for my car, but with garbage offsets. 17x8 +34, and 17x9 +38. A 20mm Spacer on front works for the front wheels, but the 50mm spacer for the rear wasn't something I want to run on the street. Found a set of old school American Racing ARE 398 BBS Look Alikes in 16x8 and 16x7. The 16x8 Wheels have a +13 offset and the 16x7s were sent off to Wheelflip in CA to get resized to 16x9 with a -11 offset. These should fit just fine without spacers, but we'll see. Still waiting on the 16x9s to come back.
  2. I've got a brand new Bill Hincher Adapter Plate for a narrow block 4G63 to a 4L60E Automatic Transmission. Was told that the plate shares the same Bellhousing Pattern as many pre LS equipped cars. Sorry, but don't know if the T56 applies in this case. I got the plate, transmission and accessories with a Wideblock DOHC 4G64 I recently picked up. Don't intend to ever use it, so it's just sitting around right now, waiting for someone to buy it.
  3. Sold a gas tank to a guy who lives out in Helotes a few months ago.
  4. Updated with a actual price for the stuff. Should have reread the ad after posting it.
  5. I've got a Bill Hincher Adapter Plate that will allow a GM 4L60E Automatic Transmission to mate up with a Narrow Block Mitsubishi 4G63 Engine. This was part of a 4G63 RWD Swap package that I bought for my car, buy decided to use a standard Transmission. The Adapter Plate is brand new and includes a Spacer to mate the 6 Bolt 4G63 crank to a GM Flex Plate. Brand new Bosch Starter, Pinion Gear, Hardware and Flex Plate. Transmission was removed from a running 91 Buick Roadmaster and includes torque converter. Was told Transmission is completely stock and worked fine before removal. Parts are located in Haysville, KS just south of Wichita. Willing to ship the adapter plate and everything else besides the transmission for $550 in CONUS. No international shipment unless buyer agrees to pay shipping and all associated fees. Been on the losing end of a few international transactions. Done with that nonsense.
  6. Got a black leather seat bottom, and multiple black door panels. Could probably ship the door panel, but not sure about the seat bottom.
  7. Awesome. That's what I wanted to know. Thanks!
  8. Got a 88 Conquest with blown shocks, front and rear on stock springs. Ordered a set of the Mk1 Front and Rear struts for my car and was wondering if there would be any issues with using my stock springs with them. Someone local mentioned that they they were designed specifically for lowered cars with lowering springs. Just wanted to know if that was the actual case and if they'd work with stock springs instead.
  9. Was told there are only about 44 StarQuest windshields left in the U.S. after I ordered one through vintageglass.com in Florida. Hopefully I actually get my glass.😏
  10. Just in case you aren't on Book Face. https://www.facebook.com/114124830280/posts/10159621852180281/
  11. Got three uncracked Exhaust Manifolds available from the ones pictured. One unfortunately appears to have been repaired previously.
  12. I was thinking spacers would be the way to go. Now, I just need to actually go through with this.😏
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