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Driver error database 1-19-19

19 January 2019 - 06:17 AM

Sucks when itís  3am wide awake and the site is unable to work

Outer Sunroof Seal

14 January 2019 - 06:27 PM

Retitled 1/21/19 to hopefully get more eyes on it.
I found a product that fits and seals great. It is not a match in looks to the OEM seal, but it actually seals (probably tighter) quite firmly to the glass and the roof. Because of the bulb type seal on the body side, it does sit up a little above the roof if left alone. That bulb part can be easily massaged down by hand to look better if it bothers you when sunroof is closed, and I bet will hold that memory after a while. I will include a couple pictures of an installed piece fitted to the corner of the glass tomorrow. I don't have any idea if this will work with aftermarket sunroofs, as I have never seen one in person. I need 15 seals ordered to secure the minimum order of material. Depending on the count of who's in, I may or may not ask for a deposit or prepayment. For this GP, each seal is $40 plus shipping via USPS Medium Flat Rate.

Update 1/22/19:
See latest installed pictures of new seal. I'm really pleased overall with the look and fitment. The bulb part that seals to the body came out slightly larger (maybe 3/32") than the sample piece. Maybe that sample is old and has shrunk over time. Multiply that by 2 for left-right & front-back and it does bulge up some due to the overall finished outside size being a bit larger than perfect and the material being a little tacky. I massaged it down dry, so a little soap or lube would certainly make it easier. I'm hoping to fit these into a Small USPS Flat Rate Box, as they are only about 7' long.

Once I have 10 seals fully paid, they will start shipping in order of payment. PM me for my paypal and your shipping information. I think this is a smoking deal, had I been on your side. I'm sure you could flip these and double the cost if not more, but that's not any of my my business or concern. I just wanted a solid product that was affordable to all to help the community out. If you would please include a couple coins for PP fees or send as a friend that would be appreciated.

Tell your friends on FB to come here to get in at $40 plus shipping via USPS Medium Flat Rate Price (most will be $13.65). Price will increase after the first 15 are out.

I'm providing an extra inch or two in length for final fitment by you in case my cuts aren't square or whatever. They can stretch slightly if you really try, or if you cut it a little short.


in list:
1. cheesey PAID 1/23
2. scott87star PAID 1/22
3. MotoCam360 PAID 1/22
4. importwarrior PAID 1/23
5. ssblast20 PAID 1/22
6. Bradrock PAID 1/23
7. fresnog54b pm'd payment request
8. MotoCam360 PAID 1/22
9. ssblast20 PAID 1/22
10. Motocam360 PARTIAL 1/22
11. ek4-nitro PAID 1/23
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15. randy

Dumb question-sweep test TPS while installed

13 December 2018 - 03:47 PM

Now that i have a mazda TPS kit, i tested it on the bench between the signal and ground wires and sweeps smooth as expected. My dumb question is the test done while done on the car is the same, correct? Just put the meter on the signal and ground connectors/wires and open/close the throttle checking for smooth action on the meter? No need for positive voltage to that wire that gets it normally? Both my stock TPS's on both cars react the same, the needle on the meter just goes to a certain spot and stays there when opening and closing the throttle by pushing down on the cable.

Color game-SQís and sports teams

09 December 2018 - 03:59 PM

Just chilling watching some football and thought of this. Name a sports team and a matching SQ color from their uniform color. Should be easy given all the different varieties of uniforms these teams wear anymore. Iíll start. Tampa Bay Buccaneers wear Shetland Beige on their helmets.

Top hat gets hot

17 November 2018 - 09:53 AM

Fresh rebuilt motor and full rebuilt TBI with new FPRnon adjustable for now. Car runs and boosts great with no issues at all, but noticed the top hat gets as hot if not hotter than the valve cover. Shouldnít it be cooler since itís got fuel constantly passing through it?