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    Need for Speed!

    By Dangerous_Dr._Dave,
    Granted I'm using 56k dialup, and realizing that maximum speed is limited by that...   As a true StarQuester I must ask for MORE SPEED!

    Your PAGE is ok......

    By TainterRacing,
    I tryed to Ask a ???? in the And it says I must be a  Moderator to make a New Topic, that Said you might want to chage the name to (Answers of Frequently Asked Questions) Go site, But Any How.... Does any one know what the CC on the stock Head Chamber is. And what the Caravan head it All so THX   PS. Nice Page I might have been a bit to hard on you  


    By SQF,
    Is there (or will there be) a way to drop pics into posts like on the other site?   Just curious. URL's also.

    Setting the Timing

    By BuzzKill,
    Take off the valve cover so you can see the valve train. With a big socket wrench, turn the crankshaft pully bolt (clockwise only!!!) until the timing mark on the pully is right at the 0 degree timing mark. Look at your camshaft sprocket -see the pin that locks it to the small stub that sticks forward to drive the distributor? That pin should be right at 12 o'clock - straight up. If it's near 6 o'clock, turn your crankshaft one full turn (clockwise again!) back to 0 deg. Now that pin should be

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